The Gerrard Chronicles 1997

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Family News


April 4th found us in Milan for Ken's cousin Lily's (Liz', Liza's) wedding to Paolo Rizzi, an engineer who fell for her when she was teaching him English-as-a-foreign-language. This took place in the grand Austrian Villa Communale, performed by a tiny registrar in a huge Italian sash who made us applaud and was followed by a magnificent feast. The huge menu did not contain choices - we had to eat (& drink) the lot. Paolo's mother was everything one would expect & we hope she realises that Lily is now in charge! Aunt Win (now 81) also made it to Milan & ate her fill. We had a day's sight-seeing as well, going up on the roof of the Duomo - recommended. This was a daft trip.

Paolo & Lily

Avis & Ken at the Tennis Club on Xmas Eve

XMAS 1996

We went to Ken's brother Geof's farm on Skiathos in the Northern Aegean. He has built a new villa, so now has two. It is beautifully appointed & available for rent - details Ken. We got there on 23-12 in the warm & on Xmas Day, walked up to Aselinos beach, fearing sunburn! However, two mornings later, it was snow-covered & stormy. A 20°C drop in temperature. The ports were all closed & getting back to Athens was difficult, including a 200 mile taxi ride (for £100, shared fortunately) from Volos to catch the 'plane on Sunday.


That photo, above left, is the last fat one of us. In March, Avis decided she was too much of a good thing & joined Weight-Watchers. In June, Ken decided to track Avis' eating & found that he, too, was losing weight by the kilo, without feeling at all hungry, as the recipes are so good & Avis is as always, an excellent cook. By November, we were both down over 1 1/2 stone & as we go to press, the latest loss is nearly two.

COUSIN RENA in the Club again. The Chinese takeover of Hong Kong does not seem to have affected them, rather to Ken's surprise. He expected Rena & Ian (Williams, the Channel 4 News reporter) to be chucked out on Day 1. This will teach him to be a cynic (some hope!)

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