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These notes are from Ken Baldry's diary entries, stuffed with extra guide book type information. We have included them here in case anyone not au fait with travelling in France can use the information.

I (Ken) need to emphasise that France is a very easy place to travel just out of season. There usually seem to be plenty of basic, lorry-drivers' hotel rooms available & prices are very reasonable but it is short of the sort of little family hotels that German speaking countries have.

1. Avis' Genealogy trip to Alsace

This was a holiday we took to find her ancestors in May 2002.

2. A trip to Cathar Country in the Langedoc

A History Today lecture tour in September 2002.

3. A trip to Ken's Delaforce ancestral homeland in South-West France

We thought we knew who most of the ancestors are. This was to see where they came from, with hopefully interesting historical asides. June 2003.

4. Second Delaforce ancestor trip. SW France & NE Spain

...having discovered that Ken's Mother's ancestors were involved over there.

5. Alsace again, following up Avis' ancestor trip

...includes visits to Colmar, Belfort, Ronchamp & Ornans

6. Sorèze Trip including another day of Ken's Ancestors West of Toulouse

Sorèze is near Revel in the Languedoc, where a friend has a house.

7. Trips relating to our friends Martin & Maryse' chateau at St. Marie de Gosse

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