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Chapter 6 - The Delaforces and Delforces in Australia

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Chapter 6

John Donne 1571-1631
"No man is an island entire of itself,
Every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main."

The Delaforces and Delforces in Australia

The "discovery" of the Australian and American Delaforce families was fortuitous. A Delaforce cousin visiting Australia looked in a telephone directory and discovered a Keith Delaforce. They met and became friends. Keith was recently retired and besides growing Chrysanthemums almost professionally, is also a very keen genealogist. He had already researched the family history in Australia, had produced an excellent tree, had copies of William and Frances Janes marriage certificate and had secured photographs of the first two generations in Australia. At a Delaforce family reunion in November 1979 held at Caboolture, north of Brisbane, Queensland about 130 Delaforces attended. Another reunion was planned for 1984.

One of Keith's relations had been visited in Australia by Warren Delaforce from USA. Warren and his cousin Dorothy were also keen genealogists and had prepared the American family tree descending from James Moses.

Keith has now produced a family tree for the Delforce family in Australia. From a London library collection of Australian telephone directories a letter was sent to ten different Delforces in Australia. Three answered with helpful details and so their family tree is shown in the appendix. They descended from George Delforce who was born in England between 1830-1840 emigrated about 1860 and from his two sons George and John are descended the current family living around Brisbane, Newcastle and Sydney.

At the end of this chapter are some of the main sources of genealogy for Australia, although, as it happened, Keith had little need to consult them since he had followed instinctively the basic rules. Visit all known relatives and ask them for every possible detail of their parents and grandparents, backed up by photographs and certificates.

The first convicts were transported to Australia - to Sydney Cove near Botany Bay - in 1788. Captain Cook's first voyage to the East Coast of Australia was in 1770. The English expedition led by Captain Cook landed at Botany Bay (several hundred miles north of Van Diemens Land) in that year. It was recommended as 'suitable for the establishment of a Colony of convicted felons.' The arrivals of the First Fleet and their uniformed overseers were the founders of the Colony of New South Wales, as an English territory under the rule of King George III.

Every possible detail of the First Fleet, composed by Bryan Thomas, in Sydney 1976, is available from Midlands Ancestor, the excellent quarterly magazine published by the Birmingham & Midland Society for Genealogy and Heraldry. The names are shown of the ships, officers, crew, their wives, and of course, the convicts. All the details of the cargoes (110 firkins of butter, 1 piano, 1 printing press, and hundreds of other items) are recorded faithfully in the two page spread. All historians interested in Australia should obtain a copy.

In 1818 Governor Macquarie sent out an expedition under John Oxley, surveyor-general, which included twelve convicts. After finding and naming the Hastings river, they found a suitable well-watered site and named it Port Macquarie (200 miles North of Botany Bay and Sydney) "The port abounds with fish, the sharks were larger and more numerous. The first hills and rising grounds were covered with large kangaroos and the marshes afford shelter and support to innumerable wild fowl." The more important reasons for the new settlement were the isolation of the convicts, the cultivation of 'new' plants, shrubs and tropical fruits and the opening up of the road to New England from the Coast.

To this Paradise came - on 19th April 1821 - three ships from Sydney with the pioneer party of 60 selected convicts, 41 soldiers, 12 specialists and 50 strong healthy labourers under Captain Francis AlIman of the 48th Regiment.

Thanks to the "History of Port Macquarie" published by the Hastings District Historical Society, a wealth of detail is available about this settlement.

Many experiments were made with vegetable and fruit crops. Sugar cane was successfully grown, and rum appeared shortly afterwards! Pineapples, cotton, coffee, pigs, cows, poultry - all were encouraged, although coffee was not successful.

The first white settlers met with a hostile reception from the aborigines and several settlers and convicts were killed in a massacre in 1843.

William Delaforce, ex-convict Second Fleet, founder of the Australian family.

William Delaforce, born 28th May 1817, elder son of William and Mary, lived in Shoreditch, stood trial in London on 3rd July 1834 for house-breaking (family rumour says that he stole a loaf of bread, or a waistcoat, but not both!) and was given a 7 year sentence. Along with 260 other convicts, he sailed on 28th July 1834 on the S.S.Hooghly on its 4th voyage with convicts to Australia. The Master was George Bayly and the voyage took 120 days.

William's convict number was 34,2554. He was aged 17 - could read and write - was a single man, Protestant, and was a carter's boy from London. he had no previous convictions. He was 5'3" tall - ruddy and freckled complexion, with brown hair and blue eyes. he had anchor tattoos under both arms. A comprehensive log! William's first assignment was to Mr Sam Terry at Mt. Pleasant near Windsor, west of Sydney. Then he contracted sandy blight and after 10 months in Windsor Hospital, he was transferred to Parramutta, west of Sydney. Back to Sydney barracks. Then to the Phoenix hulk - prison ship. Finally he was sent to Port Macquarie by the steamer 'Little Billie'. William's adventures were 'ghosted' in a booklet by 'Woomera', first published in 1900 entitled "The life and experiences of an ex-convict". The 32 pages show the hard brutal life the convicts led. William had many beatings, by 'mis-conduct' earned another year's imprisonment, but became a Freeman in 1843, aged 26.

William married Frances Jane Shane (Sheharn) daughter of a shoemaker, on 10th October 1851.

She came from Cork in Ireland. His name was shown on the register as Deleforce. The marriage was performed by William McKee, Minister of the Presbyterian church of St. Andrews, in Port Macquarie.

William became a dairy farmer at Rawdon Island near Port Macquarie. Six children were born and survived to rear families. William died of cirrhosis of kidney, or dropsy on 7th June 1900, at Fembank Creek, aged 83 and was buried at Port Macquarie Church of England Cemetery. The family tree of his antecedents below was supplied by Laraine (Delaforce) Goodworth, who also made contact through Keith Delaforce.

William DELAFORCE (28/5/1817 Shoreditch - 7/6/1900 Fernbank Creek, Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia) = (31/8/1851 St Andrews PresC, Port Macquarie, NSW) Frances Jane SHANE (1832 Cork, Ireland - 1915 Sydney, NSW, Aust.)

Liscillier DELAFORCE (1852 - bfr 1934) = 1. Martin McCORMACK

= 2. Benjamin BLOSSOM

= 3. Jacob WILSON

Joseph DELAFORCE (1854 - 1934) = (?) Sarah MARRIOTT

11 children see next family tree below

Isobella DELAFORCE (1856 - 1938) = Tom MANSFIELD

William DELAFORCE (1858 - 1939) = Mary BARNES

11 children see family tree far below

Clara DELAFORCE (bd 1860)

Frederick DELAFORCE (1862 - 1952) = Agnes BARNES
8 children

More information on William Delaforce is on this link. Thanks to Colin McCormack for the link & additional info here.

Joseph DELAFORCE (1854 - 1934) = (?) Sarah MARRIOTT
1st six children

Clara DELAFORCE (1876 - 1959)

Edith DELAFORCE (1880 - 1920) = (?) ?
2 children

Ernest DELAFORCE (1886 - 1939) =?

see the next family tree below

Herbert DELAFORCE (1884 - 1957) = ?
6 children

Ethel DELAFORCE (1886 - 1964)
4 children

Lillian DELAFORCE (1888 - 1965) = ?
4 children

2nd five children

Henry DELAFORCE (1890 - 1964) = ?

Kathleen DELAFORCE (1923 - ?)
2 children

Keith DELAFORCE (1924 - ?) = ?

Allan DELAFORCE (b 1948)

Violet DELAFORCE (1892 - 1962) = ?
5 children

William DELAFORCE (1895 - 1962) = ?

Isobel DELAFORCE (1897 - 1964) = ?
9 children

Leslie DELAFORCE (1900 - 1973) = ?

Ernest DELAFORCE (18826 - 1939) =?

Harold DELAFORCE (1911 - ?) = ?

see next family tree below

Myrtle DELAFORCE (1913 - ?)

Gordon DELAFORCE (1915 - ?) = ?

see next but one family trees below

Adin DELAFORCE (1918 - ?) = ?

see next but two family trees below

Harold DELAFORCE (1911 - ?) = ?

Alan DELAFORCE (b 1935)





Gordon DELAFORCE (1915 - ?) = ?

Henry DELAFORCE (b 1941)

Douglas DELAFORCE (b 1943)

Raymond DELAFORCE (b1945)

Elsa DELAFORCE (b1947)

Noel DELAFORCE (b1949)

Yvonne DELAFORCE (b 1949)

Adin DELAFORCE (1918 - ?) = ?





William DELAFORCE (1858 - 1939) = Mary BARNES
1st six children

Frederick DELAFORCE (1895 - 1937) =

Stanley DELAFORCE (? - 1972)


Ethel DELAFORCE (? - 1947)

Mary DELAFORCE (? - 1974)


2nd five children

Alice DELAFORCE (1900 - ?)


James DELAFORCE (1905 - ?) = ?

Edna DELAFORCE (1897 - 1964) = ?

Gordon DELAFORCE (1910 - ?) = ?


In England - there is an excellent reference library in Australia House, Aldwych, London WC1. The Public Records Office, Chancery Lane, London should be consulted: "NSW Original Correspondence (CO 201) 1784-1821. Entry Books relating to Convicts (CO 207, 202, 360 and 369). Convicts NSW & Tasmania (HO 10, 64 volumes, HO-li 21 volumes). Census of 1828 (HO 10/21-27). The Genealogical Society in London also has extensive records including Directories. See also articles in the "Genealogist" March & June 1981 by Dr Joseph. Printed books available in England include:-"Census of New South Wales, Nov. 1828" by M.R. Sainty/K.A. Johnson.
"The Convict Settlers of Australia" by L.L. Robson.
"Crimes of the First Fleet settlers" by John Cobley.
The British Museum library and Guildhall library also have other printed sources available.

Montrose Genealogical Services, 83 Riley St., Tuart Hill, W.Australia 6060, publish a genealogical computer index, including sources such as Shipping Lists, Voters Rolls, Probate Registers, Telephone Directories and Newspaper Archives.

British Emigrants to the Antipodes (pre 1900) is a joint index by Dr M. Watts, 77 Church Lane, Lowton, Warrington; Mrs M. Russell, Ulpha, 32 Granada Rd. Denton, Manchester, and the Western Australian Genealogical Society.

The James MeClelland Research organisation, dedicated to Australian History, have published 12 books including Returned Soldiers Associatuon - Convict, Pioneer & Immigrant History of Australia - A Guide to locating & searching Family, Convict, Pioneer & Immigrant Records of Australia.

The Australian Biographical & Genealogical Record, details from Dr. A.P. Joseph, 25 Westhourne Rd. Edgebaston, Birmingham BiS 3TX.

In Australia - the Mormon Church, Church of Latter Day Saints have genealogical libraries in New South Wales (Emu Plains, Greenwich Sydney, Mortdale, New Lambton), in Victoria (Northcote, and Moorabbin), in Queensland (Brisbane), in Southern Australia (Firle and Marion), in Western Australia (Yokin) and in Canberra.

The UK Federation of Family History Societies in Plymouth lists all the major Australian societies including three national ones:


Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies, P0 Box 68, Oakleigh, Victoria 3166, publish "The Genealogist".


Society of Australian Genealogists, Richmond Villa, 120 Kent St., Observatory Hill; Sydney NSW 2000.


Heraldry & Genealogy Society of Canberra, P0 Box E185, Canberra ACT 2600.


Genealogical Society of Northern Territory, P0 Box 37212, Winnellie, NT 5789.


Queensland FHS, P0 Box 171, Indooroopillay, Brisbane 4068.


Genealogical Society of Queensland, 1st Floor, 329 Logan Road, Stones Corner, Queensland 4120.


Genealogical Society of Victoria, Room 1, 1st Floor, Block Arcade, 98 Elizabeth St., Melbourne, Vic. 3000.


South Australian Genealogical & Her. Society, P0 Box 13, Marden, S.Australia 5070.


West Australia Genealogical Society, P0 Box 7, West Perth, W. Australia 6005.


Genealogical Society of Tasmania, P0 Box 640G, Hobart, Tasmania, 7001.


Nepean District Family History Society, 125 Maxwell St, South Penrith, NSW 2750.

The main Australian Archives are in Canberra: the National Library of Australia is at NSM 136/69, Canberra ACT 2600: The Mitchell Library in Sydney is a major repository of records and historical documents: so too are the State Library of Victoria, Swanston St., Melbourne and the Public library of NSW, Macquarie St., Sydney NSW 2000. Library of Australian History, P0 Box 795, North Sydney, NSW 2060.


The Australian Family

William Delaforce born 28th May, 1817 Shoreditch or Bethnell Green died 7th June, 1900 Port Macquarie NSW Aust.
married 10 October 1851 Frances Jane Shane born 1832 Cork Ireland - died 1915 Sydney NSW Aust.
children: Liscillier 1852 -1934
Joseph 1854 - 1934
Isobella 1856 - 1938
William 1858 - 1939
Clara 1860
Frederick 1862 - 1952
Joseph married Sarah Marriott
Children Born Died Children Born Children Born
Clara 1876 1959
Edith 1880 1920 2
Ernest 1882 1939 Harold 911 Alan 1935
Myrtle 1913 ?
Gordon 1915 Henry 1941
Donglas 1943
Raymond 1945
Elsa 1947
Noel 1949
Yvonne 1949
Adin 1918 Mervyn
Herbert 1834 1957 NevilIe 1911 Roy
Kevin 1939
Herbert 1913 Margaret 1942
Kenneth 1944
Barbara 1946
Lona 1915 6
Richard 1919 Rayrnond 1947
Lorre1I 1902?
Mona 1921 4
Daphne 1927 4
Ethel 1886 1964 4
Lillian 1888 1965 4
Children Born Died Children Born Children Born
Henry 1890 1964 Kathleen 1923 2
Keith 1924 Allan 1948
Terry 1952
Joyce 1926 3
Violet 1892 1941 5
William 1895 1962 Pearl
Clifford Barry
Allen Joyce
William 1946
Eric Joy
Ella Mark
Isobel 1897 1964 9
Leslie 1900 1973 Winston 1929 Rodney 1955
Terry 1958
Ruth 1934 2
Naomi 1945 3

William married Mary Barnes

Children Born Died Children Born Children Born
Frederick 1895 1937 Lindsay 1914 John 1951
Wayne 1959
Frederick 1916 Janior 1942
Lynnette 1945
Eileen 1919 2
Roy 1922
George 1924 Barbara
William 1935
Stanley 1972
Ethel 1947
Mary 1974
Alice 1900
James 1905 Rodney 1934 Anthony 1961
Maria 1963
Gregory 1964
Michele 1968
Rex 1937
Gordon 1910 Graham 1935 Alexis 1958
Cameron 1960
Andrea 1965
Scott 1971

Frederick married Agnes Barnes

Children Born Died Children Born Children Born
Maud 1892 5
William 1995 Fay
Joseph Thora
Leslie 1901 Agnes 1929
Betty 1929
Peggy 1931
Joy 1934
Frederick 1939
Joseph 1941 Rosemary 1961
Norman 1963
Marianne 1965
Ethel 1946
Erie 1949 Jason 19711
Raymond 1903
Harold 1909 Graham 1943
Heather 1945
Ellen 1946
Harold 1947 Avis 1971
Michael 1973
Irene 1951
Junita 1953
Austen 1912
Kenrick 1915 Barry 1939 Karen 1965
Janelle 1967
Wayne 1969
Kenneth 1940 Sharon 1967
Dianne 1946
Judith 1942
Gregory 1949
Alice 1954

Other Australian Delaforces

George DELFORCE (1840? - ?) = 1. (?) ?

George DELFORCE (1860 approx - ?)

John DELFORCE (aby 1860 - ?) = (?) Catherine?
1st five children


Nat DELFORCE (1880 - ?) = (1900) Ethel SPRATT

William DELFORCE (1880 - ?) = (1897) Sophia HARVEY

Minnie DELFORCE (1881 - ?) = (1989) David McKENZIE

Frederick James DELFORCE (1890 - ?)

2nd three children

Edwin DELFORCE (1880 - ?) = ?

Keith DELFORCE (1905 - 1947 = ?

Russell DELFORCE (b. 1944)

Noel DELFORCE (b. 1947)

John Edward DELFORCE (1910 - ?) = Eileen

Peter John DELFORCE = (1945) Betty

Paul John DELFORCE (b. 1970)

Jeffrey Peter DELFORCE (b. 1973)

Frederick James DELFORCE (1890 - ?) = ?

See the Family Tree at the bottom of this page

= 2. Mary MEAD

Elyjah John DELFORCE (1890 - ?) = Eleanor BALL

Edgar John DELFORCE (b. 1918)

3 children

7 grand-children

Athol DELFORCE (b. 1920)

3 children

3 grand-children

Dallas DELFORCE (b.1923)

4 children

5 grand-children

Walter Thomas DELFORCE (b. 1925)


1 grand-child

Dorothy Ellen DELFORCE (b. 1926)

3 children

7 grand-children

Frederick James DELFORCE (1890 - ?) = ?
1st five children


Bert Thomas DELFORCE




2nd five children






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