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User Guide for D2000DLL,
ASL Dealing 2000 server DLL for
Thomson Financial Services 'Vision' system

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1 Introduction
2 Transaction Procedure
3 Operational Procedure
4 D2000DLL operator Interface
5 D2000DLL to Vision interface for programmers

1. Introduction

This document describes a Dynamic Link Library which handles the interface between a VISION program called Wire Reader and the Reuter Dealing 2000 Data Feed. The library allows the Wire Reader program to treat the data feed as a simple file-type device. This forms part of a Thomson Financial Services VISION installation.

The Library is called D200032.DLL (32 bit version). There is an older 16 bit DLL called D2000DLL.DLL. This is not compatible with the 32 bit Wire Reader

1.1 Licencing

ASL sets a licence fee for the Dealing 2000 handler and a separate one for the ASI handler. (The software for the two feeds is quite different). If additional Dealing 2000 ports are added, these are each charged at 25% of the Dealing 2000 licence. Clients only pay for the resources that they use.

1.2 Historic installations

Some Dealing 2000 users have a program called D2ASI. This is a component of the old BTS DOS-based system. The cabling for the two systems is not necessarily the same, insofar as some of the DOS systems use modem-control and some do not. ASL should be consulted about upgrades. D2ASI is not yet millennium compliant.

D2000DLL contains code to handle the ASI feed but the current version of the Vision Wire Reader does not.

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