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User Guide for D2000DLL,
ASL Dealing 2000 server DLL for
Thomson Financial Services 'Vision' system

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5. D2000DLL to Vision interface

Because this is a DLL, the programmer interface is very simple. Initialisation is done automatically when the DLL in invoked and shutdown when it is released. This extract from the header file, D2WIN.H explains the interface.

// do_asl_events
// -------------

This is called in your main event loop. Call it frequently, that is, at least every half second and preferably more, as the characters appearing on the serial ports must be cleared.
 The return code is negative for errors. Otherwise, check for a deal.
 If the first field in the input buffer, handed over in d2_init, contains something, you have a deal. Otherwise, you have an ok but deal-free condition.

 Example code*/

while (TRUE)

if ((k = do_asl_events ((LPD2DATA)&input_buf, (LPSTR)report_buf)) < 0) // check for d2 line events

// no more ERR=22.
// if input_buf.DataSource is set, you have data

sprintf (statline, "Error %d - %s", k, report_buf); // report no data if you wish
scrput (statline, YELLOW, ONRED);

else // you have a response!

if (input_buf.DataSource)

// got something
if (input_buf.DataSource < 100)

d2_data_parser ();


asi_data_parser ();

else // no data but could be a message from the DLL

if (report_buf [0])

scrput (report_buf, BLACK, ONGREEN);
// ASL log-to-screen routine

report_buf [0] = 0;


} // end of 'got something'

} // end of 'check for response'

} // end of 'while true' loop 

short FAR PASCALdo_asl_events (LPD2DATA input_buf, LPSTR report_buf);
 you will need to build your program with the library, 'd2000dll' for 16 bit systems or 'd200032.dll' for 32 bit systems.

 // =============================================================

 // error message types

ER_BCF Bad d2 configuration file

ER_FMT Bad message format

ER_D2000 D2000 not responding

ER_SERIAL port setup failed

ER_SP4 Disc full. Cannot open audit trail

ERR_PRO ASL programming error

ERR_GLC returned a bad message (Report to Reuters)

ERR_GDD D2000 Reuter task is dead


// ============================================================= 

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