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User Guide for D2000DLL,
ASL Dealing 2000 server DLL for
Thomson Financial Services 'Vision' system

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3. Operational Procedure

3.1 System startup

These are part of the VISION system. The program is called Wire Reader.

3.2 The deal link fails

BTS is informed by an error message that no activity has been detected on the link for five minutes. Should it recover, BTS will be aware of it because messages will start to flow again. The library keeps trying until the service is restored, so no recovery operations are needed by the operator.

3.3 Testing new versions

New versions of the BTS or ASL components of the system can be tested after working hours using this procedure.

1. Record the number of the last deal processed in the PORTx.FND file(s). Archive and remove the .ATR and .ATO files.

2. Reset the PORTx.FND file(s) to a number lower than that they contained at the end-of-day. This will cause all these old deals to be output to the Wire Reader without having to wait for real dealers to do deals.

3. Archive the BTS database & open a new, empty one.

4. Run the system. It will call off deals up to & maybe past the last one received the previous woking day.

5. Compare the new BTS database with the real one. If the records are the same or an enhancement in the new software is present, ok.

6. Otherwise, revert to the old software & report the errors to BTS. Send either a disc or printed .ATR and .ATO files created during the test run to BTS.

7. Before the next working day starts, restore the real BTS database & reset the PORTx.FND file(s) to the values at th eend of the previous working day.

3.4 File formats

3.4.1 Configuration file

This file is called D2ASI.CNF (for compatibility with the DOS systems) and must be present or the system cannot start up. It is an ASCII text file and can be created using any edit program that does not automatically replace <TAB characters with spaces (as does the Microsoft™ Qbasic editor supplied with DOS. The Windows Notepad is ok). The fields are:-

 1{<port number 0 to 2><TAB>< concentrator ID<LF>}n

 for each concentrator and where n is a maximum of four.

D2000DLL distiguished between concentrator types by the number of characters in the name. This is four for Dealing 2000 and 12 for the ASI.

3.4.2 Found deals files

There is one of these for each port and have the names PORTx.FND.

3.4.3 Incoming audit trail file

This is a list of deals as they are received by D2000DLL. The name is the date + ATR. Eg FEB2293.ATR.

3.4.4 Outgoing audit trail file

This is a list of packets sent to the dealers or BATCH.The name is the date + ATO. Eg FEB2293.ATO.

Important. The ATO files can get very large and so these audit files should be cleared down often.

The files exist to clear up any questions about deals not recorded in the back office.

There will be no special millenium compliant version of the audit trail files, because of the DOS file name size limitation until all the Vision systems are 32 bit and long file names are reliably available at user sites.

4. D2000DLL operator Interface

There is no operational interface to the DLL as such. This is provided by the Wire Reader VISION program.

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