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User Guide for D2000DLL,
ASL Dealing 2000 server DLL for Thomson Financial Services 'Vision' system

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2. Transaction Procedure

Where a user has the Dealing 2000 System installed, there are Dealing 2000 Servers installed, each of which serves twelve Dealing 2000 terminals. These terminals allow dealers to conduct conversations with other dealers at other banks and to conclude deals with them. Dealing 2000 extracts the deal data from the conversation.

All ASI deals are routed through one ASI concentrator, so the mix of serial lines attached to a D2000DLL system may be up to three Dealing 2000s and one ASI.

2.1 Deal completion

When a deal has been completed, the dealing concentrator informs the D2000DLL that a deal has been added to the list of outstanding deals completed. The D2000DLL calls off the deals (in the case of D2000, not more frequently that every five seconds, in order to avoid overloading the Dealing 2000 Server).

2.2 D2000DLL processing

D2000DLL files all entered deals in its audit trail twice. When the deal is received, the Reuter record is filed in a file with the extension .ATI. It is queued in memory pending a request for data from BTS. When the deal is about to be returned to the BTS system, the details of the deal are recorded in plain English to a file with the extension .ATO. The first part of the file name is the date in the format MAR2598, where 98 is the year.

The BTS system calls off deals with a function call (do_asl_events) and will get a deal if there is one deal. If there is no deal available, the structure receiving the deal starts with a <NULL character.. The BTS system should poll the library frequently to keep the input queue of characters clear.

2.3 BTS processing

The deals are returned to BTS in the form of structures defined by BTS.

2.4 Physical arrangement of Serial ports

Each D2000DLL can serve up to three Dealing 2000 Concentrators, assuming that the bank has the maximum of 32 users and one ASI. If a D2000DLL has more than two concentrators attached, it will need a multi-serial card. The system automatically configures itself for the number of Dealing 2000 concentrators attached, using the information in the D2ASI.CNF file (see below).

ASL supply an adaptor to plug into the serial port(s), wired as in Appendix A. This cannot be plugged in the wrong way round. To extend the cable to the VISION system, a cable with female D9 plugs with pins 2, 3 & 5 connected directly is used (not a null modem cable).

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