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The ‘card cover’ is us at Ravello
Photo by a fellow passenger.

The Gerrard Chronicles 2019

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XMAS 2018

Going to the Canary Isles is becoming a Xmas habit & it's all on this web page.


We met Margaret & her son Justin, his Japanese wife Nanako & their two sons for lunch at the “Crown ”, at Stoke by Nayland. Margaret acted as if Avis was a basket case, which she is not & seemed equivocal about Brexit. Given that she has seen a lot of Mailand Europe, this seems odd. Justin is sound, though.




2 VISITS TO ALYSON June 7th & November 1st

We are dismantling Avis’s Studio to make way for a live-in Carer, when we need one. This meant getting rid of the printing presses, a flat-bed press for etchings & woodcuts on thin plastic & the very heavy wood-block press. Avis’s niece Lois & her affianced Mike are graphic artists & were only too happy to have them. We booked into the “Queen’s Arms”, “The Wind in the Willows” being full. We met Alyson in Glossop at “The Globe”. After the usual excellent meal, we left the paper, quite a mound, in Alyson's little house & went back to Hayfield, demanding driving in the rain & dark. Fortunately, “The George” was f. As usual, their vegan food was very good & incredibly cheap: £23.10 for 3, including our drinks & all puddings. We delivered the presses to Lois & Mike the next morning, then went back home through Derbyshire.

The November trip was to take the pile of top quality printing paper up for the kids, as there had been no room in the van on the previous trip. This was the new car‘s 1st trip Oop North & the choice of accommodation availability was even more dire than in June. While the trip up was somewhat drizzly, the Autumn colour was at long last, doing its thing. We stayed in “The George” in Hayfield, built in 1575 & 6 miles to the South of Glossop &, to which we drove where as usual, met Alyson in “The Globe”. After the usual excellent meal, we left the paper, quite a mound, in Alyson's little house & went back to Hayfield, demanding driving in the rain & dark. Fortunately, “The George” was fine & the company, including other old climbers, very pleasant. So was breakfast.

George Hotel in Hayfield


Our now beloved 17 year old van, seen here on the Timmesjoch in Austria in 2009, which was an ecological hero when we bought it before Xmas 2001, is now to be condemned in London, as a nasty polluter & the restriction zone is going to be extended over where we live next year. It has taken us all over the place: to France; Italy; Germany; Hungary; Switzerland; Austria & Euskal Herria.

Something had to be done! We hawked it around the family members who live in places without this problem. No one was interested but Denise was. There was to be a snag. Although the insurance firm were happy to insure Avis, now nearly 84, to drive a commercial vehicle, a private car was a no-no, so, while I drove the new car, Avis’ last drive was following me up the M11 in the van to Denise & Harriet‘s pad at Cottenham, where it has been sitting in their parking place while Denise saves up for driving lessons.


So we had to go shopping &, as hybrid cars seemed to be the sensible option, all-electric cars having negligible range & the most important use we have for a vehicle being long trips for Ken to take photos for his History lectures, we went to the shop of the most experienced makers of such things, Toyota. The guy who served us kept a straight face when is was evident we intended to buy a Yaris over the counter like a Mars Bar & it seemed ok on a test drive. Little did we know what monsters modern cars have become! They think (probably correctly in most cases) that they are driven by idiots & have a plethora of audible warnings. Ken, who notoriously, does not like people telling him what to do, won‘t take this from a chunk of iron & has managed to suppress most of these but not all, the reversing noise being particularly annoying. Nor does the build quality seem as good as the Peugeot. The hybrid part is a downright swindle, the battery being tiny & the maximum speed about 30MPH for a couple of minutes. Then, it goes flat.The final insult is it is not even a proper, socialist, red.

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