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Avis Saltsman &
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The 'card cover' is us!
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XMAS 2017

We played safe this year & went to the Canary Isles it's all on this web page.


We had not seen Margaret for a few years, since we are kept so busy locally but we co-ordinated with her son Justin & his Japanese wife Nanako & their two sons for lunch & a walk round Nayland, a middle-class ghetto North of Colchester.




A VISIT TO ALYSON November 15th

On a whim at a day's notice, we drove up to Glossop via the M1 (being dug up, somewhat to turn it into a 'smart motorway') A50, A61, via Wirksworth (very pretty way) instead of horrid Belper, Chatsworth, Hathersage & over the Snake Pass. We met Alyson, Avis' sister in “The Globe”, her favourite vegan restaurant, which does superb food at astonishingly low prices. Alyson's daughter Lois & affianced Mike were there, planning to marry next Summer & Alyson's best friend Anne.

Avis, Anne & Alyson

As one would expect from English intellectuals, the conversations flowed for about three & a half hours. We stayed in “The Wind in the Willows Hotel”, for the 2nd time being the only guests there but it is highly recommendable, see on this link.


The landlord of “The Jolly Miller” at Cottenham absconded, not having paid the staff & Denise & Harriet asked the brewery if they could take it over, who said yes, not appreciating that the brewery supplied but did not own the building. The girls left their cosy little house, spent an enormous amount of elbow-grease making the pub civilised, scrubbing & re-painting. We went up to see in May & they had a child's birthday party on, for which Denise had rented a bouncy castle. Everything seemed fine. Then, the owners of the premises turned up & used various dirty tricks to get them out of the building. Apparently, bad behaviour from pub freeholders is a well-known phenomenon. Homeless & sleeping on floors, it was a while before they found another flat.

Avis and Denise

AT THE TATE November 24th

We met Ken's sonewhat distant cousin E-J Baldry in the Tate Britain Members Room after she had come up from Chagford on Dartmoor & whom, we rarely see. She was up for the Burne-Jones' show, a bit out of Avis' time-frame but we had a good old catch up before lunch, then went round what is a most impressive gathering of his work, including much from private collectors, meanly labelled 'no photos'. It was fascinating to see so many sketches for familiar work & some early pen-and-ink of amazing detail & precision. Halfway round, Avis was exhausted, so we said farewell & promised to visit Chagford in the Spring.

Elizabeth-Jane and Avis

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