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This year's activities were dominated by Anti-Brexit or related demos.

15/1/2019 Evening demo

23/3/2019 Ken in Whitehall

23/3/2019 People’s Vote

The next one was a spontaneous reaction to Johnson’s attempt to prorogue Parliament for 5 weeks to force through Brexit. It took place on August 28th. Ken became a micro-Hero for breaking through the barrier & letting the demonstrators onto College Green.

Early on. Ken with Janet Daby,
Lewisham East Labour MP

Ken breaking the barrier, photo Metro.
Denise posted on FB,
“My amazing friend Ken being amazing”.

Ken bought Emma a Euro-beret as she
had come straight from work,
thus improperly dressed.

We called this, an attempted Coup d’Etat. There was another Anti-Coup demo the following Saturday.

31/8/2019 Ken early at the Cenotaph


Ken & ANO

There was yet another Anti-Coup demo the next Tuesday. Ken, who had been to Tate Modern with Avis, went along to have a look after the Reuter Society meeting & buffet. It seemed bigger than the Saturday one.

3/9/2019 Ken in Parliament Square

The demo outside Downing Street

Finally, there was a big demo the following Saturday. This time, the fascists tried to disrupt it. We laughed, booed them & played loud rock music, as 6 of them marched through with their yellow flags & with police protection. In the end, of course, the Supreme Court struck down the prorogation.

7/9/2019 Ken at Downing Street

Laughing at the fascists

Back down Whitehall

There was a demo by Extiction Rebellion over the two weeks from October 7th. Ken went along to have a look after the Reuter Society meeting & buffet. It filled Whitehall, stopping all traffic. After a while, an organiser came along & said the police were going to charge & bulldoze the camp in 20 minutes time. I explained to the people I was talking with, that with a wife with Alzheimer’s, I could not risk getting arrested & would have to scarper. They were very understanding. I went up to Trafalgar Square, where there was a tolerated camp & then, home.

8/10/2019 Ken near Downing Street

The Extinction Rebellion Camp

On the steps of the National Gallery

On October 19th, the last big demo for a Peoples’ Vote took place. Ken could not get nearer Parliament Square than the Banqueting House, so there must have been a million marchers, like the one in March, where Ken got to Downing Street at least.

19/10/2019 Ken in Whitehall, outside the Banqueting House.

To cap the year off, Johnson declared a General Election for December, of all months. Ken put the Labour Boards from the 2017 up on our front balconies the evening: Thursday October 31st, the day we were supposed to Brexit, after taking the usual cheque round to Islington South & Finsbury Party HQ. With an election every other year, politics is getting expensive.


We publish nearly 2 weeks before the General Election, so we can offer some advice to our fellow voters....
An election has, in my experience, never been such a matter of moral choice as this one.
Whatever you do, vote but don't vote for Johnson. Even diehard Tories must be finding him an embarrassment by now.

Art Scene

Traveller's Tales

Traveller's Tales - History

Xmas 2019 Index page

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