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History Trips in England

Ken, suspecting that, sooner or later, he was going to need history lectures for the U3A took us to more
English historical locations to take photographs for slide shows.

Rochester Castle on a freezing Winter's day

Where the Normans landed in 1066

Farnham Castle is an...

...unusual shape with 5 towers

Fishboune Roman Villa


Perfect mosaic

Fishbourne was a Roman Villa built for the Quisling King Trogodumnus.

York - Monk Bar

York - Treasurer's House

Emperor Constantine

York Minster

York Minster

Inside York Minster

York Minster Crypt

Merchant Adventurer's Hall

Merchant Adventurer's Hall inside

York Wall

York Castle

Escomb Church

Back of Escomb Church

Either Escomb Church in County Durham or St.Peter’s in the Wall (see below) are the oldest in England, circa 650.

In Escomb Church

In Escomb Church

St.Wilfrid built...

...Hexham Abbey

Inside Hexham Abbey

Queen Ethedreda provided the land

Down to the original abbey

Original altar (stinks down here)

In 75 years, Ken had never see Hadrians Wall. This trip was meant to make up for that.

Chester Fort

The Wall at Housesteads

Detail of the Wall

Housesteads on the English side

The View South from Housesteads

Avis in Birdoswald Fort

Ullswater Panorama from Howtown

Above:We stayed with the Baldrys at the Howtown Hotel by Ullswater on the way back & visited Avis' sister Alyson in Glossop.
Below: These barns are at Cressing Temple, built by the Templars on land donated by King Stephen’s Queen Matilda.

The Barley Barn

The Barley Barn

Inside the Barley Barn

The Wheat Barn

St.Peter’s on the Wall

Inside St.Peter’s on the Wall

Above: St.Peter’s may also be the oldest church in England.
Below: A visit to Lincoln, with its King John state-of-the art Cathedral

Lincoln Castle

Magna Carta

Lincoln Cathedral hard to photo

Inside the Cathedral

Rose window


Panorama from above Hope in the Peak District.

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