The Gerrard Chronicles 2009

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The Grim Reaper's Harvest


Ken & Rose in 2007 when she won the hat competition

Some years ago, Rose said she was going to adopt Ken, who had treated her like 'Mum' since, giving her meals, presents & a stream of postcards from out travels. Unfortunately, Rose just failed to reach her 98th birthday, dying in hospital on September 13th after futile & unpleasant attempts to resucitate her, something we would all be well advised to forbid when our own time comes. Born in 1911, Rose had regaled us with stories of the First World War. In the Second, she had to nurse her husband back to strength after Dunkirk but, as he was a Railway Linesman, he spent the rest of the war restoring bombed railway track, so in a sense, they were lucky. Not so with sons. One miscarried & another, the twin of Rose's daughter Carole, lived only a few days. A much respected member of the Lilian Baylis Arts Club, Rose only dropped out of the Modern Ballet Group, the "Company of Elders" at the age of 94, which tells one a lot about Rose. She was unlucky in her last couple of years to be dropped from the St Luke's Old People's Club catchment area, so the minibus stopped picking her up, which may have contributed to her early death. Carole aked Ken to say a few words at the funeral, which he did.

Rose at her daughters wedding

Jeanette & Rose 25-2-2005
at the Covent Garden Tea Dance

July 14th 2006


Hans died on Tuesday 23rd June at the age of 78. Hans taught German Literature. He had been fortunate enough to be in Sweden in 1939, from where his parents brought him to Oxford, where he went to the University. He was Secretary of Club 1943, founded in that year by refugees from Hitler & who meet every Monday evening in Belsize Square Synagogue. The club needed (needs) speakers & Ken has given them several talks, mostly on music, which was a passion of Hans' also & about which he was extremely knowledgable.

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