The Gerrard Chronicles 2009

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The Campaign Trail & Fun

This section, much thinner this year, as Ken has dropped all his commitments because, fortunately, younger people have been moving into positions in his favourite campaigns & in Avis' case, because everyone with a cause or think they have a cause, in Islington, want her to run it or sort out the problem, when they would be quite capable of doing it themselves. However, she maintains a watching brief for the theatre below.


...down the middle of Colebrooke Row. We had been expecting the council to welsh on the agreement to spend Labour Government money on sorting these elderly gardens out but they were actually opened in December 2008. Responding to the fears of the residents, we had been leaning on them with one of Ken's 'attack dog' web sites.

Avis, Gillian Comins &
Vicky Wisher at the opening

Children at the opening.
Hit the picture to hear them singing


...or rather "Young at Heart" . Apart from Avis' gym attendance & the quizzes, from which we risk banning for excessive winning, there was another dinner in the Crypt of the Guiidhall on September 11th but the food was not so good this year (credit squeeze?) & the food a long time coming! It did, however, give us all a chance to dress up. Alas, we lost our much-loved Michelle Green, the co-ordinator, who has gone off on a World Tour & good luck to her.


Avis & Ken

Best sexy dress

Our Trudi

Avis with the other Trudi

Val Southon


This has been delayed because it is plagued by legal actions, the details of which Avis cannot reveal for fear of prejudicing the case of the theatre developers, who have been badly let down by another party. Until this is resolved, EDF, the electricity company, will not even queue a request for the theatre sub-station to be installed & then, do not consider it a priority'. We intend to start a petition to EDF as soon as the legal situation is clarified, pointing out that the community has waited 21 years for their new theatre & if that is not a priority, what is?

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