The Gerrard Chronicles 2007

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Art Scene

Jason's Scene

We were all waiting for Jason in "The Golden Compass", a film of the Philp Pullman book, opening on December 5th. He was in "Landscape with Weapon", a powerful Joe Penhall play at the Cottesloe. He had a prominent rôle in the TV series "Vivienne Vyle"; a lead in "Casualty 1906"; in the excellent "Housewife 49" on ITV; the vicar in the "History of Mr Polly"; another vicar in "Miss Austen Regrets"; "The Last Detective"; "A Man in a Box"; "Five Days". On the radio, he played Neil Hamilton & others in "Life after Scandal" & many parts in the 30 episodes of "The Making of Modern Medicine". He also had time to breath, just.

J's official photo

Ken's Scene

He eventually finished the memorial piece for Derek Hill & Robin Freeman, which rather released the juices, as he wrote a string quartet & is currently hoping to finish another for Xmas, so they can be dedicated to two people he thinks deserve them. The first (Opus 28 no 1) lasts about 36 minutes. He has prepared yet more talks for the repertoire, having given talks on Wagner, Schumann (3 times) & The Waltz this year plus a talk on the Lake District.


At the request of some LBAC members, Avis is preparing one on the roots of modern art, with particular attention to Van Gogh & Gauguin. This will be given in the New Year & probably trigger off more, just as Ken's talks have.


Operas: "Die Fledermaus" (Johann Strauss), a hoot; "La Boheme" (Puccini);
"Koanga" (Delius rarity); "The Silent Twins" (Errollyn Wallen); "Turandot" (Puccini);
"Death in Venice" (Britten - tedious)

Plays: "Carrie's War" by Emma Reeves after Nina Bawden;
"The Waves" by Katie Mitchell after Virginia Woolf's unreadable pretentious novel (Ken's opinion);
"Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks" by Richard Alfieri;
"The Entertainer" by John Osbourne;
"There came a Gypsy Riding" by Frank McGuinness;
"Dying for it" by Moira Buffini;
"Landscape with Weapon" by Joe Penhall & with Jason in it.
"Big White Fog" by Theodore Ward;
"The Rose Tattoo" by Tennessee Williams;
"The Last Priest" by David Walter Hall
“The Enchantment” by Victoria Bendictsson;
“Saint Joan” by George Bernard Shaw;
“Awake and Sing!” by Clifford Odets;
"All about my Mother" by Pedro Almodovar;
“Cloud Nine” by Caryl Churchill

We went to all the RA & Tate exhibitions as usual. Ken has listed what he read on this link.

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