The Gerrard Chronicles 1998

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Just Pip. Caroline and Jason had another son, Pip Sunday, on Sunday 15th February. Freddie called him Pip, so that was his name. They all moved to Revelstoke Road, Southfields in September, to Ken's delight as he knew it lead into Wimbledon Home Park. Pip seems as surprisingly alert as his brother, with whom he gets on well. He used it when his Grandmother lived nearby & nostalgically pushes Pip around it in a wheelchair. Freddie meanwhile, is already quite an actor. Selective breeding.

Avis & Pip, August 23rd

Freddie, Avis, Jason, Pip & Caroline
at Covent Garden


Re-equipping by Art & Science usually means the re-quipping of Richigrafix. That is, we chucked out the Power Mac 7100 & Microtec Scanner in Richard's direction & installed a new Power Mac G3 for Ken, magically fast and a Linotype Jade scanner. He can now do heat transfers onto clothing for one-offs & short runs. Richard also has a web site:- but he will soon be setting up his own Web space. He has started dinghy sailing this year & has done an initial course.


...had another baby on January 21st, Oliver Ian, here seen with Ian (well-known Channel Four hero journalist) and Tammie. They are currently living in Hong Kong.

photo: Rena, of Ian, Millie & Ollie.


Those two stone we got rid of are still off. Letting our weight go any lower, we discovered, cuts into the 'real meat' & we become weak & feeble. Ken has bottomed out at 11st 9lb (from 13st 13lb) and Avis at 10st 7lb (from 12st 6lb). Dangerous over-feeding in Texas & Wales was soon solved with a return to 'normal' eating.

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