The Gerrard Chronicles 1998

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Extended Family


Last year's enigmatic item referred to Keith Turner & Mary finally getting married in April. There was a huge party to celebrate at the beginning of May. We gate-crashed another of their splendid parties later. Keith, having an attack of realism, is now the Liberal agent in Aylesbury, any other method of bringing the local Tories to book being pointless there.

Keith & Mary at their Wedding party.


Charlie Brewster's son, Demian married Lucy Cragg (at last, must be a tax angle) in Blackheath on August 1st, with a splendid reception In Charlton House after. Demian said it was pay-back time for all the parties we had given when he was a kid but we often call in on his enterprise, Bullfrogs, if we are in Greenwich. Lucy is ASL-client material, a City Trader.

Lucy & Demian

Avis & Ken at the Brewster wedding 


When we invited Helen Carpenter of our 'Discover Islington' tourist office to our 15th party, she let slip that she had finally married Adam, secretly & some time ago. She is still Carpenter, as Adam's name is Kawecki, does not trip off the tongue so well & mispronounciation could give offence!
We have to wish Helen & her Discover Islington tourist office luck in their battle to survive the Cuts.

Charlie & Avis

Charlie had a heart attack in the Summer & other medical problems later but seems all right now. He is running a Year 2000 remedial business & agrees with us that things could be very dodgy in January 2000.


Susanne died on July 9th after a long battle with cancer. Brave to the end, she even organised her own funeral. She was only 49. The sister of Ken's Best Friend, Michèle Needleman Molloy, they had a particularly harrowing childhood and, after years of separation, only met again in 1977. Best wishes to her husband Phillip & Robert & Laura.

Susanne & Phillip


Margaret Holness, Labour Party comrade, introduced by Janet Simpson.
Margery Harrison finally gets a ticket, despite being a Liberal.


Sharon Bloch & John Griffiths have gone to Pennsylvania but we hope to see them again.
Two people were thrown out of the Extended Family for misconduct but Ken nearly got thrown out of someone's else's EF. His Ps & Qs were rejigged accordingly.

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