The Gerrard Chronicles 1998

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On the Campaign Trail


Mayor of London seemed to be a dream job & Ken thought he would never have time to campaign for it. But, after a chat about it with Cathy Ross, the Museum of London Curator and encouraged all round, he changed his mind & launched an Internet-based campaign in April, with a web site at:- or hit the link below. It was well reported by the two local papers and, by the Autumn, people were getting used to the idea & sometimes greeting him in the street as Mr. Mayor. However, the Labour Party organisation at Millbank Tower refused to give him the addresses of the constituency parties & he had to glean them from telephone directories to circulate them with his campaign materials. There was no laid down campaign procedure for the selection of a mayoral candidate either and Ken's aim was to get the nominations of the Islington parties first. He conducts regular Saturday morning surgeries in Dolce's Ice Cream Bar.

In November, several odd things happened. A procedure of sorts was published & to conform to it, Ken wrote an application for the job to the London Labour Party. At the November GMC, the Loony Left tried to embarrass him with a resolution about the procedure, which he promptly seconded & defused. Watch this space in next year's Gerrard Chronicles!


We carry on. Charter 88 had had a good year with the successful referendum for a London Mayor & the Jenkins Commission report on proportional representation coming up with an acceptable result. But Ken needed to remind the November Council that most of our original twelve demands have not yet been met or scheduled & there is much nervousness about Freedom of Information, with the authoritarian Jack Straw in charge now and none too keen.


As so often,Frazer Whitehead hosted a Labour Party Garden Party in his lovely garden in Canonbury. We may have nearly lost the Council to the Liberals but we are sure we have more fun than the other parties.

Right: Nwankechi & the Rt. Hon. Chris at the Party party

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