Skiathos with the Jones' - May 5th-12th 2017

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We have been friends with Maryse & Martin Jones for many years & have stayed in their Chateau in France several times, so it was time for a reciprocal trip, to my brother Geof's market garden on the Greek island of Skiathos in the Northern Aegean. This is in the valley of Zorbathes, to the left of this map.

We flew from Gatwick (there are a number of ways of doing this) because one of the big advantages of Skiathos is an airstrip. However, it is only one mile long &, as one pilot put it, he was "...going to get six for technical ability & nought for artistic effect", as the 'planes have to slam down & brake hard!

Skiathos 'City' looking across the Paralya (Old Harbour where the tourist boats berth)

Geof met us at the airport (it does have a terminal these days) & took me to the car hire place. To Ken's horror, he had booked a Super Ventura or a 'tank' as Ken described it. After a couple of days, Ken swapped it for a 'proper' car, as even the dirt roads on the island had improved (somewhat) since our last trip here in 2007. Ken drove the team to Geof's farm in the middle on the island, called Zorbathes. The Jonesí ooh-ahhed all along the coast road. Ken didnít know if they had any misgivings when we turned off onto the dirt track but these would have been relieved when we got to the Barn, the kitchen of which has been refitted. (Ken had told them we were staying in the Goat Shed but it has come a long way since the goat's lived there). We let them have the best bedroom, although Ken didnít know if they realise that. There was food, so we did not have to shop right then. Lisa had made a splendid dinner of meat balls and we put the World to rights.

The Barn in the evening

Geof & Lida's Zorbathes Farmhouse

The Barn from the house

Day Two - Round the town

There are two car parks in the city: one at the East end & one above the West end of the town, from which one can walk out onto a peninsular to look at the port area. From here, one can walk round to the Paralya or Old Port.

The Car Park Church

In the Car Park Church

The tean: Maryse, Avis, Martin

On the peninsular

Across to the East

The Paralya from above. Ferry port behind.

We had drinks on the Paralya & Ken took them round to the Main Drain, Odos Pappadiamentis. Maryse bought a hat for a family religious event, as her eldest daughter, Celestine has got god. Then, back to the Paralya by back streets to another restaurant Kabourelias for moussaka for an excessive lunch. We walked round to where they berth the flotilla. The others had coffees while Ken walked back to the car park, retrieved the tank & took them back to Zorbathes.

Martin & Ken walked up the road/track past Geof’s as high as we could go, where there are huge views. They would have been better a few yards further on but the track has been blocked by someone with a little house up there.

Odos Pappadiamantis


The view South from the high point of our walk behind Geof's valley.

Geof had booked us in to the restaurant Bakaliko, which is near where the runway starts but right on the water. We selected a Red Snapper, which was well large enough for six people. There were cats & Ken put the tail on the floor. They scoffed the lot, fin included

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