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Wednesday 20th May

Land at last! Up at 0625. It was still dark on deck but the sky was clearly all blue & it was slightly warm, which built up to 27°C during the day. They have nearly built a posh new bridge to Cadiz, which should move the traffic jam from one end of the town to the other but I don’t suppose they will have much change out of a billion Euros.

The incomplete new bridge

In Cadiz, the ship berths in the Old Town Centre

A trip to Seville

Breakfast at 7 and mustered at 07:45 for the coach trip to Seville, which takes 1 3/4 hours with a pee stop. There is a bit of a hike from the coach park to the Alcazar. We passed Carmen’s cigarette factory on the way & the Hotel Alphonso XIII, he who started to seriously beat back the Moors.

"Carmen's" cigarette factory

Hotel Alphonso XIII

Cathedral & Alcazar share a square

Just in the gate leading to...

...a garden & old wall

Other side of the old wall

The main entrance opposite the old wall

Detail of the entrance carving

Inside is this light well

Moorish or Moorish style architectural details

The enchanting cloister

Detail of Isabella roundel

Christian detail by Moorish craftsmen

Paterning close up...

...looks different at a distance

The Gardens from the tapestries below

Three tapestries of Spanish valour

Panorama of the inner garden from the terrace

The Terrace above the inner garden

The outer garden

Cathedral minaret from the Alcazar

I think we got a more thorough tour of the palace this time. The Cathedral tower is the Moorish minaret modified. We had some free time for a coffee (€3 for 2) & photos before going to a restaurant, where we got a lot of starters before our main course of pork & two bottles of wine between 4, the other 2 abstaining on a table of 6. They were slow serving & this cascaded down the time to make us late at the ship, getting there ten minutes before we cast off a little late.

The outer wall of the Alcazar

The Cathedral minaret from the square

In the Cathedral Square

Regional parliament

Round the city

Round the city

Nosy look in someone's house

Tasteful modern development

1929 Spanish-American Fair site

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