Western Mediterranean - May 16th - 31st 2015

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"Fast Cars & Film Stars" by Fred Olsen, that's what they called it.

Off for a cruise on this lovely Fred Olsen ship.

The MV Boudicca, photoed at Almeria, Spain

We were not remotely interested in fast cars or film starts but we did want to visit friends in Nice (which did not work out) & Ken had never been to Barcelona. It was also an opportunity to visit Seville again, as there was insufficient support for the Flamenco tour & we know lovely Cadiz well enough.

There are frequent didmo bullet trains from St. Pancras to Dover Priory, which use the HS1 high speed tracks.

The trip took us from Dover to

Cadiz (for Seville)
Almeria (& Nijar)
Cannes & a trip inland
Malaga (for Mijas)

& back to Dover

Leaving Dover on a really nice day

Saturday 16th May 2015 - Boarding

We started boarding rather late, at 14:25 but this gave us the opportunity to meet some of the Show Team we had met before. The Cruise Director is Elliott Taylor, an old shipmate who has just taken over from Alan Tait, who was on at Xmas & often before. Our dinner companions, & for once, we were on first sitting, were doctors, Bob & Betty, so intelligent conversation was to be had.

Dover Castle from the ship at berth

Necessary, if tedious

Sunday to Tuesday - Days at Sea

We had to get to Cadiz first, which is three days sailing. A lot of people on the ship taking the cruise for the Monaco Grand Prix, are still working, so the cruise was limited to a fortnight, actually 15 nights, so that they only had to take a fortnight's holiday. Otherwise, I am sure we would have stopped in Leixoes or Lisbon on the way, there & back.

Port 1 - Cadiz

Port 2 - Almeria

Port 3 - Cannes

Port 4 - Nice

Port 5 - Barcelona

Port 6 - Malaga

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