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Warnemunde for Rostock

There are more pictures than usual here, as these places are unfamiliar to many people. Warnemunde is the fishing & cruise ship port of Rostock. We were unexpectedly early, so we got up at 0750 & were off the boat at 0930 but missed the boat to Rostock, so took the train. It had rained buckets the night before but was quite pleasant, if a little overcast as we walked through a suburb to the Old Town, which we reached at the Steintor, which was mainly brick, possibly thanks to the RAF.

Steintor & wall


Neuer Markt

We walked up to the Neuer Markt, which of course, was very old as these places are & which still has quite a few Hanseatic buildings.

Neue Markt to right of above right photo

Enormous asparagus

Town Hall

After a coffee with a couple from the boat, also doing their own thing, we went along the old main street, which has many old buildings & some quite imaginative new ones which fit in, including the McDonalds but it was possible to photo this without showing the golden arches, he, he, he.

Statues outside the Town Hall

Glatter Aal

Glatter Aal

Along the Glatter Aal

We walked up to a newer area with a string of Art Deco type buildings, which co-ordinated. I had a look in St Mary's Church (Marienkirche).

Art Deco buildings on the Langer Strasse

Marienkirche from West

Marienkirche from South

Marienkirche inside

Old buildings by the Marienkirche

Modernist goat by the Marienkirche

Tastefully done modern housing

Then, we went down to the river side to look for a boat. This did not leave until 1315, although the girl in the office said 'Es kommt gleich'. 'Gleich' is up to five minutes, not 55, so we had a not-very-good smoked fish roll each in a floating café, as it was lunch time.

Rostock waterfront

Rostock Marina

It was now getting rather dull, on & off & on the boat, it did start raining, quite hard at times, although I was getting some German practice from the natives. It was only spitting when we walked the short distance to the ship, where we were just in time for a lunchtime cake.
We then went into Warnemunde, which is quite charming, going up the East side of the long, thin dock & back & over the footbridge

Sailing ship

Aboard the ferry to Warnemunde


It was so stuffy that Avis sat down soon while I walked on to the famous tee-pot & lighthouse, going up the sand dunes a little way to photo the vast long beach.

The famous Teepot (sic) Restaurant, a triumph of DDR architecture

Warnemunde's everlasting beach

We went back to the boat, inspecting the rubbish shop on the quay but no dolls, just Beryl Cook-style bathing 'beauties' i.e. fatties. I put today's photos ito the show for Friday. We had had to book for the German Buffet Dinner in the Palms & Carmen on Reception put us on the entertainers' table.

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