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This is how Ken envisages the Government of London... 
More will be added as the responsibilities of the Assembly are clarified...

The Mayor

tacts as Prime Minister of the London Region

The Assembly Members

Finance Minister

Helps the Mayor prepare the Budget. Finds ways to access other funding.

Interior Minister

Police & Borough law-and-order liaison.

Transport Minister

Prepares & implements the Transport Plan. Liaison with Boroughs over transport matters.

Environment Minister

Co-ordinates environmental improvement projects with the Boroughs. Implements standards.

Planning Minister

Prepare strategic plan. Liaise with Boroughs to check compliance.

Employment Minister

Look for employment opportunities. Liaise with Borough Development Committees.

Arts Minister

Supervise London Arts Board. Co-ordinate arts support & provision.

Tourism Minister

Supervise London Tourist Board. Monitor facilities. Co-ordinate hotel standards maintenance.

Minister for the Olympic Bid

Prepare London's Olympic bid.

Minister for the Emergency Services

Run the Fire Brigade etc.

Minister for Year 2000

Clear up the remaining Year 2000 problems.

Minister for Special Interests

Liaise with ethnic, womens & other special interest groups. Monitor Assembly actions for sensitivity.

Minister for the Euro-Union

Hangs about in Brussels representing London's interests.

President of the London Region

Performs non-political functions like a borough Mayor. Described as 'Chair' in the GLA Bill.



Mayor, Finance Minister + 3 + as needed


Mayor, Transport Minister, Environment Minister, Planning Minister, Employment Minister


Mayor, Arts Minister, Tourism Minister, Employment Minister, Minister for the Olympic Bid, Minister for Special Interests


Mayor, Interior Minister, Planning Minister, Employment Minister, Minister for Special Interests


Mayor, Planning Minister, Employment Minister, Environment Minister

Transport for London

Mayor, Transport Minister, Environment Minister, Planning Minister


All committees to co-opt as desirable.


This is not a London Borough committee structure. It will exist to resolve problems. There will be a personal assistant for each minister only. The Mayor will control personnel allocation, as policy will be carried out by small (4-5 person) task forces, to prevent departmentalitis obstructing the carrying out of policy. These small groups will largely exist to promote, help & assist the Boroughs in carry forward the objectives of the Mayor & Assembly.

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