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Assets & liabilities

The various suspicions associated with politicians these days from a destructive press & some cynical members of the Public suggest, especially in the wake of the Mandelson-Robinson loan business, that I had better demonstrate that I have nothing in my record to embarrass the Party or the Citizens of our city of London.


Jointly with my wife, I own a house in Gerrard Road, Islington, another house in St. Peters Street, Islington, divided into four flats, a flat in Colebrooke Row, Islington and a 10/13 share of another in Dunsmure Road, Stamford Hill. These flats are effectively, the Art & Science Pension Fund, although we have fairly modest pension provision in the company pension scheme run by Alled Dunbar. I also have a bit over £1000 in the Nationwide Building Society & a variable, not dissimilar amount in my Co-operative Bank account.

I have no loans outstanding except my monthly balance with the Co-operative Bank VISA credit card, which I pay off in full each month. There are no loans (documented or otherwise) from friends or relations. Although I draw £6000 salary from the company, in which I have a 50% shareholding (the other 50% being my wife's), that is in order to pay some National Insurance as a point of principle. The dividends from the firm range wildly from year to year, depending on our clients' willingness to pay up promptly. Our total unencumbered joint assets amount to less than £1.2M. (this is at a Christmas 1998 valuation). No skeletons here.


I live in harmony with my second wife Avis, my first wife having died in an accident in 1980. Both, strong intelligent women. In the three years in between, I broke a few hearts as I sought a second wife but there are no scandals.

If I have left anything out & succeed, as I expect, in becoming your first Mayor, I am sure the press will bring it to my attention.


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