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The Arts are a good thing

Tourism brings in much money

Together, they bring in very much money

A typical initiative:- If a shop is to be empty for more than three months, the owner wil be strongly encouraged to let it, free of rent & rates, to an artist who's obligation will be to paint it all white, pay the utility bills & vacate it at one week's notice after one month's occupancy. A notice will be displayed to say that the shop is participating in the London Assembly Arts Initiative.

Sort out the South Bank

The wimps at the Arts Council have refused to support Richard Rogers' scheme for an ecological glass roof over the whole site to improve the usability of the area & turn it into a proper Arts Centre for the Capital. I will put the pressure on for this scheme to be implemented. Richard Rogers has a web site.

Unify Arts spending in London

The handout system is still too fragmented, although Chris Smith is doing his best. The London Region arts cash should be handed, lock, stock & barrel to the Assembly. The objective will be to minimise the administrators (who still pocket the bulk of arts spending as salary) & get the cash to the providers. This is will be controlled by...

The London Arts Minister

One of the Assembly members or co-optees will be appointed the Arts Minister for London to co-ordinate the activities of the London Tourist Board and the local and Borough initiatives and also co-ordinate the grants system.

Help Visual Artists

These have specific problems & the present structures are not arranged to help them. A cynic could say that the basic principle is never to give them any money, just 'advice' from expensive consultants. In fact, the arts administration industry seems to gobble up all the aid money. Obviously, Ken's wife is a visual artist - declaration of interest - but this is a real problem. Visual artists need help with gallery space (the shops initiative above), framing and publicity. Ken will see they get it.

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