F Xmas 2022 - Traveller’s Tales to Norway

The Gerrard Chronicles 2022 - Traveller’s Tales - Norway Cruise 7-14th April

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Classic Fjord Cruise

This was our Easter Getaway, just a week on Fred Olsen's Bolette, the ship we went on last Xmas. Most of the trip was to places we had visited before in better weather but that was not the object. After a day at sea, during which, he had the dressing up evening but without the Driver, who was sick, a good start! The Deputy Driver took over for the cruise, the Staff Captain. Actually, there are half a dozen crew members who do the actual driving, one, quite a small woman, so I imagine they do not have those big wheels to turn these days.

It had been somewhat rough overnight. Breakfast with Norway in sight. A blue sky which did not last long.

First view of Norway

Stavanger in the distance

Up Frafjord

Then, we turned into Frafjord & it all clouded up. This had us heading South-East but soon, we turned North-East at the town of Forsand, into Lysefjord. (We had been up here on a much nicer day in 2014). We did go up to the end, tormented by splashes of Sun on the snow-covered hilltops but we had rain & more snow flurries on the way there & back.


Entering Lysefjord & looking back North-West up Frafjord towards the open sea

In Lysefjord

Saturday night was extremely rough. Up near the bow on deck 2, you would think we were going through a minefield We were chucked & bounced all over the place but did get some sleep.

The first actual port-of-call was Olden, which was the place we had not visited before. We arrived late, the fjord was very cloud-covered & at first, it was drizzling.

Olden ahead

“Bolette” berthed near Olden

North Olden from the ship

On the half mile trek to the village, the rain stopped but the cloud did not. I examined the god shop & found this old wooden shed had a baroque altarpiece, presumably donated by a church that was having a better one fitted.

Downtown Olden

Olden Church


Leaving Olden, we go back to & along the Innvikfjorden back to the sea

Over night, we went round & up the Sognefjord, the longest in Norway. Then, we turned South into the Aurlandsfjord to go to Flåm, where we had been before. This time, Avis & I explored the village.

Flåm from the ship

Looking back up Aurlandsfjord

Flåm across the fjord

Bergen & I was not sure where we were berthed until I went out, leaving Avis on board because it was a dull, if dry, day & a mile to the town centre. When I got going on the route march, I soon realised that we were berthed at the North-West, just beyond where we had in the past & I could have gone through the Military Park, saving a bit.

North-West Bergen, beyond the berths.

I picked up a couple & took them to the new tourist office, where maps were available. The fish market has shrunk & the town looks a bit tatty, probably like everywhere, as affect of Covid. The Korskirchen was under repair & so was the Cathedral. I took photos of Old Bergen buildings, some of which I might have got before. In the Mariakirchen, I got ticked off for taking photos, so won’t put those on the web.


Old buidings

Holberg, the Polymath

Korskirchen under repair

Cathedral under repair


Then, we sailed for home uneventfully.

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