The Gerrard Chronicles 2016

Best Wishes for
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Avis Saltsman &
Ken Baldry

The 'card cover' shows Avis & Ken above the Aletsch Glacier on September 8th. Note Ken's antique mountain gear. If it works, don't fix it.
Photo by unknown German.

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Avis, Ken & Family

XMAS 2015

For a change, we went to Edinburgh for Xmas & it's all on this web page.

Xmas 2015 for 5 nights at the
Roxburgh Hotel in Edinburgh

Avis' grandson Pip visited us on
November 21st.


While skiing in 1986, Avis had a mishap (entirely Ken's fault - no change there, then). This was largely sorted out by the NHS after that but it came back to plague her in November 2015, slowing her walking up & making stairs difficult to negotiate. University College Hospital replaced the knee with an iron one on June 3rd 2016 but they kept her in for a week. The anaethsetic had a bad effect on her memory & it was only on his 6th visit that she recognised Ken. Aparently, this is not unusual. Avis is incredibly tough & soon abandoned the crutches. By September, she was up for an Alpine holiday on this link & on our Xmas card photo above.

We caught up with Ken's cousin Tarquin
at the Reform Club on May 24th.
He is normally Australia-resident.

Avis only 15 days after the operation


NOT apropos the above, we paid for our funerals & a woodland grave spot this year, as an inflation-beating measure, burial being greener that being barbecued.

We met Ken's niece Zoi
(Geof & Lida's elder daughter)
& her son Raphael at Windsor
on November 26th.


Geof & Lida set off on a World Tour, partly to see it & partly to catch up with a lot of friends they had made, particularly those who had stayed on his farm on Skiathos. He caught up with us in London, having demanded a first class curry, for which we took them to the Punjab in Neil Street, Ken picking them up from Waterloo, as they have quite forgotten how to get around London.

Lida & Geof in the Punjab

In the Summer, Geof & Lida's younger daughter, Mara the Scientist, received a PhD at Copenhagen University, Denmark, for work on vaccines. We will catch up with her this coming Xmas.

Sad to relate: our Friend Geof McGarry died this year aged 93. He danced on castors & he & his late wife Elsie, had set up dance clubs wherever they lived. Our commiserations with his family & his girl-friend, Heather, who we are all looking after.

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