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Avis Saltsman & Ken Baldry

The 'card cover' to the left is the
SS. Peter & Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg.

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Avis, Ken & Family


...from Bangkok. Ken's cousin (once removed!), she had been living for donkey's years with her husband, Ian Williams, the TV journalist, now with CNN & her kids, Tamila (Millie) & Oliver (Ollie). They are tearing apart a house in Barnes & meanwhile, camping out in a flat there. They visited us in the Summer & we had a get-together & feast with most of Ken's cousin Margaret's family in November. Later, we took Rena to Kew with Avis' son, Richard, where she had not been for a quarter-century.

Rena at Kew

Margaret, Rena's Mum


Yousuke, Rena's half-brother Justin's son

Nanako, Yousuke's Mum

November 1st-4th

We drove up through Derbyshire, stopping for a very good value lunch in "The Devonshire" in Belper. Then, over the Snake Pass to Glossop, checking in at the "Bird's Nest" a few doors from Alyson's house, where we usually stay. She took us to a good vegetarian restaurant for dinner. The next day, we went over to Holmfirth. It was very cold but we had wanted to explore this attractive town for some time..


Devon & his Mum, Amy, Alyson's elder daughter

We came back over the Woodhead Pass for lunch in the "Canton King" in Glossop. Later, Alyson took us to the "Bella Italia" in Didsbury, picking up Amy & her boys on the way for a feast. Devon is very much, a 'live wire' but the younger Miles is still wheelchair bound.

Woodhead Pass, looking ENE

The next day, we first went to Buxton in occasional drizzle but the Sun started to appear. We drove over to Castleton by the Winnats Pass & went to the Blue John mine at Treak's Cavern, which we had never visited before. This was very interesting. Lunch was in "The Peaks Hotel" in Castleton. Ken had a lamb casserole, served in a gigantic Yorkshire Pud! Weird. We went up Edale, back down Winnats again & back to Glossop over the Snake Pass. In the evening, Alyson's boy-friend Marcus, took us to the firework display above Glossop on the way to Doctor's Gate. It was very cold but impressive.

Upper Edale

The trip back home as ok as far as the M1 but then, torrential rain for most of the way.

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