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Avis Saltsman & Ken Baldry

The 'card cover' to the left , the Fuorcla da Tasna,
just about sums up the first part of our year.

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For sad reasons, this year's index page has a grey background instead of the usual.


This happened on Sunday 12th December 2010 at her nursing home, "The Willows" at Shepshed. She was 94 & a full page of pictures & an obituary are on this link. A horticultural scientist, she had built the World a better tomato & lettuce, among other things.


This shocking event happened on New Years Day in the early hours of the morning. Jason had taken her to UCH &, according to their lawyer, everything was done according to the book. When we had last seen her, on December 22nd, she seemed perfectly well & full of beans. The inquest was delayed until July 22nd. More on this link.


On December 4th 2010, Ken had a hernia operation at Barts, which fixed the problem but he was chucked out a couple of hours after he woke up & had to stagger five paces at a time through the snow to our neighbour Philip's car (bless him). However, a couple of days in bed & he was getting back to normal. Actually, it hurt more after than before but by April, he was pain-free.


On September 6th, Avis went in to UCH for what Ken had euphemistically called a Lady's Plumbing operaion, actually dealing with a prolapse. There is a new technique involving putting a string bag round the bladder & tying it to a bone. She had to wait until the appropriate team had assembled. They did keep her in for 2 days but see Travellers' Tales.

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