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Since he has dedicated "It's the Weather!" Opus 29 to Nadia Saharova, who had played it so well in Vienna, he owed Dr. Dominik Sedivy a piece as a thank-you for arranging the concert. This was the String Trio Opus 31, conceived as a more genial companion to Scönberg's trio. The score & a set of parts can be downloaded on this link. Otherwise, he eventually finished "Night Vision" Opus 30, which he had been tinkering with for a couple of years. This is for a wind band, percussion, cellos & basses. These three works are all related by shared material.


This was at the Islington Museum St John Street London EC1 from February 18th to March 20th 2010.

An exhibition of mixed media works and prints on the themes of the natural world and countering climate change.
It was opened by Chris Smith, Lord Finsbury & now (or at the time), the Chair of the Environment Agency, unless this is one of the quangoes axed by the barking mad George Osborne. His & Avis' opening speeches can be viewed on YouTube at this location & a film showing the exhibition at this one.


We usually put something about Jason in but he is now such a well-established actor, with an enormous track record, that he needs to control his own image & we are happy to let him do so. Googling "Jason Watkins" on the web brings up much information about him.



"The Pearl Fishers" by Georges Bizet. Very effectively staged.

This year's other offerings from the ENO were less than inspiring, although we missed "Kata Kabanova" as on a cruise.


"Real old, like Forty-Five " by Tamsin Oglesby. Really quite grim.
"Ruined" by Lynn Nottage. Very powerful.
"Bingo" by Edward Bond. Jason at Chichester. About Shakespeare's later life & grim.
"Through a Glass Darkly" by Ingmar Bergman. Play version of the film & very effective
"The Tempest" by William Shakespeare. Lousy effort by the National.
"Danton's Death" by Georg Buchner. Excellent.
"As You Like It" by William Shakespeare. Very much better by the National.
"Blood & Gifts" by J T Rogers
"House of Games", based on a David Mamet screenplay. Very good. Made you work at your entertainment!
"Men should Weep" by Ena Lamont Stewart. So dreadful, we walked out.
So did two Glaswegian ladies, who could not understand the allegedly Glaswegian accents either!

We went to all the RA & Tate exhibitions as usual. Ken has listed what he read with comments on this link.

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