The Gerrard Chronicles 2009 - Traveller's Tales 2

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King Arthur Trips

May 25th to 30th TO BATH & ST IVES

Solsbury Hill from Batheaston

Cadbury Castle from the North, built about 500BC & modernised in 500AD, about Arthur's time.

A trip with several objectives. Ken needed photos for a probable "King Arthur" talk, so we first visited the large Solsbury Hill Iron Age Fort near Bath, a possible "Mount Badon" location, where Arthur thrashed the Saxons. We stayed in the Redcar Hotel in Bath, then moved on to South Cadbury, a possible Camelot (the locals are certain, of course). Then, on to St. Ives, staying at the Thurlestone Guest House in Carbis Bay for a not-very-good show in the Tate Gallery & some touring around, largely in sea fog. We did meet up with Ken's gorgeous distant cousin Elizabeth Jane Baldry (below) playing the harp at a wedding.

Avis in the Solsbury Hill Fort

2 ramparts of Cadbury Castle, near the modernised gateway & track up.

On the way back, we stopped at Bovey Tracy at the Riverside Inn, so as to visit the Stover Country Park on our way home.

St Ives Panorama

Stover Park Lake

September 16th & 17th TO GLASTONBURY

There was a notice in "History Today" of a King Arthur show in Glastobury Abbey, so we drove down there &, after booking in to the unlikely-named "Who'd a Thought it" pub, discovered the show was disappointingy small. However, it was a chance to look round the Abbey & next morning, climb the Tor before coming home.

Glastonbury Abbey

Tommy rot

Glastonbury Tor

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