The Gerrard Chronicles 2006 - Extended Family

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Geo (right) & his wife Kim, visited us in April. A member of the Baldry Family History Society run by Ken, he is a TV academic in Florida & sent us all the anti-Bush jokes. Ken had arranged a Xmas Card blitz by the society on Geo's son, Derek, when he was fighting the Taliban in 2001. Later, Terry Anderson, another American with Baldry blood, visited us in the Autumn.

The Baldry Family History Society has had a good year, with some large contributions & several of those very welcome items which resolve Ken's "yellow boxes", which are on the family trees & mean, "can anyone explain what on Earth went on here?". One huge contribution from South Africa proved to be from someone of the Baldrey name but no blood (link for this story): royal blood instead.


The famous architect, Harley Sherlock, celebrated his 80th birthday at Sanderstead Cricket Club on March 5th with a feast in a marquee with about 100 guests. Harley brought out a new book this year but he is most celebrated, not just for his high-density low-rise affordable homes but his seminal book, "Cities are Good for Us". He came to our New Year's Eve party this year.


In June, at a Lilian Baylis Arts Club meeting, Rose Teague (right) discovered that Ken was a year younger than her daughter, so she declared that she was going to adopt him. Since then, he has treated her like Mum, having her round to dinner, sending postcards, bringing presents etc. But there was more to this story: Rose lost two baby boys in World War II. She was 95 this year & has only just dropped out of the Dance Group.


Tony suffered a pulmonary haemorrage round about March 10th, uncertain because the police battered down his door on 12th. He was only 49 & his funeral the next Friday was a very sad affair. Ken had the opportunity to deliver a eulogy to his technical computer skills, general brain power & an attack on the purblind industry which had discarded him when he still had so much to offer. Only in February, Ken had been helping him put together a Linux system & Tony had regarded him as a sort of mentor.


Elsie died aged 87 on October 9th, seen left with her husband Jeff as we will remember her, a stalwart of the LBAC Dance Group but they have been involved in starting up dance & theatre projects since they became an item in 1945. The Humanist funeral was conducted very well, coincidentally by a school friend of Ken's, Jim Trimmer.

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