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Dolmens in Antequerra

A trip to the West

Torcal & its rock formations

Monday 8th May 2000

We are starting from Granada. I headed off slowly on the A92 to Antiquerra. This motorway is not very interesting for most of that distance as there is nothing much to see except millions of olive trees. We turned off to Antiquerra and drove through the modern industrial area and into the old town. I drove around, failing to find a hotel until, cutting down some very narrow alley-like streets, I accidentally came across the main square: actually it's round, and there was a hotel nearby fortunately. The rain had eased off, and we were surprised to be able to park on this little square. The hotel was cheap, a bit crude, and rather like a set of council flats. However, it had parking underneath, included in the very cheap price of 5000 pesetas per night. But there was no breakfast to be had there. We had a very good and late lunch in a restaurant, the Chicon, on the main square and then walked up to Antiquerra's Alcazabar, their Moorish fortress on top of one of the hills. This is being restored like everything else in this Euro-heritage town, with lots of Euro-Snowcem in evidence. Surprisingly, it is more like a park rather than a building.

Views over Antequerra

Alcazaba Gate

Alcazaba Church & Baths

Alcazaba walls

East from the Alcazaba

South from the Alcazaba

South-West from the Alcazaba

We made our way back through more Old Town, got some tourist information, visited San Sebastian's Church, crude outside but elegant inside and wrote more posccards at a café on the main square. Later, we had too much to eat, as we went back to the same restaurant for another 900 peseta deal dinner each. These dinner deals all include drink as well as food and you have the choice really of anything: mineral-water, beer or a glass of wine.

Gateway on the main square

San Sebastian Church

Tower of the Alcazabar

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