Xmas Cruise 2013 - December 23rd 2013 - January 2nd 2014

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Xmas Cruise 2013 by Fred Olsen

Off for a cruise on this lovely Fred Olsen ship.

The MV Boudicca, photoed at Copenhagen

The trip took us from Southampton to

Copenhagen for Arken

Copenhagen for Tivoli


Bad Doberan

Kiel Canal

Bremehaven for Bremen


& back to Southampton

There are two trains per hour from Waterloo to Southampton Central, where Fred's coach picks us up & takes us to the ship. Parking in very expensive in Southampton.

Monday 23rd December - Boarding

The taxi arrived early, no problem, & drove like Sterling Moss to Waterloo. Consequently, we were just in time for the earlier train. Too soon for the shuttle & too rainy to walk, we took another taxi (£24 altogether) to the terminal, where we had to wait a little while for check-in to open but this did mean we had low cards for getting on the ship. This only happened at 1350, though. Elliott Taylor is the Cruise Director & automatically assumed I was on the entertainment crew. I told him, no we were cargo but I would help out if necessary.

Our luggage was not in the cabin at once, so we went for tea & something to eat, as although we had our free gold members coffee in the terminal, we were not eating their horrid sandwiches. Two couples soon came up to ask if I was doing talks & I found more ‘fan club’ later. Then, we unpacked & read for a bit. After we left port with two tugs (!) we went up to the Lido Lounge but the sea was so rough, we soon retreated to the main lounge & read & chatted until the Port Talk at 1945, a bit too late, as she did both Zeebrugge (the shuttle, for which I had already collected tickets, going to Blankenberge Station) & Copenhagen, so we slipped out at just after dinner time. It was so rough that Elliott helped Avis out & at dinner, the water glasses & potted plant went over twice. I don’t think we had experienced that much hassle except on the Braemar Atlantic Storm in April 2012. The next table’s water came our way, too & two people there were evacuated to another table. Our two companions did not turn up, so we might as well have eaten in the Secret Garden. Duck & Rhum Babas. Straight to bed after, as we go on Mainland Europe Time tonight.

Us on Xmas Day (3rd day)

Port 1 - Zeebrugge

Port 2 - Copenhagen for Arken

Copenhagen for Tivoli

Port 3 - Warnemunde

Bad Doberan Tour

Kiel Canal

Port 4 - Bremerhaven for Bremen

Port 5 - Hamburg

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