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The Silk Weavers Family 4 - Tree of Isaac Dellafoss

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The Silk Weavers Family Tree 4

Isaac DELAFORCE (1717 - ?) back link = Elizabeth ?


Thomas DELAFORCE presumably died young

Thomas DELAFORCE (bap 1756 - ?) = (1778) Hannah REID

Thomas DELAFORCE (15/12/1785 - 1868) = (25/12/1805) Rebecca WHITE

Ann DELAFORCE (21/1/1821 - 20/4//1915) = (15/10/1848) James MANDERS

Joseph MANDERS (11/11/1862 - 11/11/1948) = Carlenia Amelia REYNARD

Joseph Edwin MANDERS (14/4/1890 - 18/1/1957) = (15/10/1848) Elizabeth Charlotte REDDALL

Leslie Edwin John MANDERS = Margaret Kathleen MORTON


our informant

9 others

3 others

9 others

9 others

Information from Julia Manders who adds:-

I would be very interested to become aware of any musical links with the above family for my own research and possibly a view to performing at some point. Music from earliest time e.g.10th century to today, but especial interest any known music secular and non secular played or written 10th -17th Centuries and connected with the Delaforce family. E-mail Julia on this link

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