Walks around Grindelwald - 1

Introduction, the Terrassenweg & Gleckstein Hut

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Grindelwald on
the Cross-Swiss Walk

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When you get there...

...you need somewhere to stay. I have stayed in the Pension Gydisdorf & the Hotel Hirschen & there is a camp site by the river down at Grund. There is plenty of choice. This is not a car-free town unfortunately. It is very touristy & it helps to be able to say 'Good morning' in Japanese (Ohaiyo) but still, a good base for the area. The rack railway over to Lauterbrunnen via Kleine Scheidegg, the pass over to Wengen, is very useful.

The walk to the Gleckstein Hütte

The Mannlichen to Kleine Scheidegg

First to the Schynigge Platte

By the Untergletscher

Climbers only - Climbing the Jungfrau

You need the Swiss Landeskarte 1:50,000, sheet number LK5004, "Berner Oberland". If you are a climber, these pages are not for you (apart from the Jungfrau). Try the West Col guide for the Bernese Oberland East. For wintry types, the skiing is very good & the pass covers a wide area, up to Wengen & across to Mürren.

Grindelwald is buried in steep limestone

Grindelwald from the Mannlichen (see walk
next page) with the iconic Wetterhorn

Grindelwald in Winter (includes the above photo, largely white)

First afternoon walk - the Terrassenweg

These go round to the North of the town & there is more than one level.
They are well sign-posted & give better views across to the Wetterhorn, Eiger and Mannlichen than you get from the village.

The Obergletscher from the Terrassenweg.
There are two glaciers that come from the South

The Eiger 3970m from the Terrassenweg

Kleine Scheidegg from the Terrassenweg

To the Gleckstein Hutte

This is the hut adepts use to climb the Wetterhorn and the path gives a delicious sense of exposure while being perfectly safe. It makes a good training day for further walks. From the East end of the town on the road to Grosse Scheidegg, take a path to the right 200m past the 'Hotel Wetterhorn'. After 0.5 km, take the path that doubles back to the SW at point 1590 & follow this up to the hut. They should be serving food but always check at the guides bureau in the town first. Come back the same way. Note in the last photo below, I have marked in where the walks on page two go.

The path winds up this cliff. Schreckhorn to the right. ('Schreck' means 'dreadful').

The Gleckstein Hut & view to the West

Grindelwald from the hut.

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Grindelwald on
the Cross-Swiss Walk

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