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User Guide for D2ASI, ASL Dealing 2000 and Citicorp ASI server for Thomson Financial Services DOS system

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1 Introduction
2 Transaction Procedure
3 Operational Procedure
4 D2ASI operator Interface
5 D2000DLL to Vision interface for programmers
6 User messages
A Appendix


This document describes a small computer system running on an IBM PC or clone acting as a gateway between the Reuter Dealing 2000 Feed, the Citicorp ASI feed and the Boston Treasury Systems LAN, allowing the BTS system to access trades performed through Dealing 2000 in (more or less) real time without the dealers having to re-enter the deals through the BTS terminal.

The system is called D2ASI.

1.1 Licencing

ASL sets a licence fee for the Dealing 2000 handler and a separate one for the ASI handler. (The software for the two feeds is quite different). If additional Dealing 2000 ports are added, these are each charged at 25% of the Dealing 2000 licence. Clients only pay for the resources that they use.

1.2 Historic installations

Some Dealing 2000 users have a program called D2GATE. They will be progressively upgraded to D2ASI, even if they do not use the ASI feed because D2ASI has some improvements to run-time security and a better system of backing-off the audit trails.

1.3 Year 2000 issues

Version 1.6 is Year 2000 compliant, with the proviso in section 4.4.8 below.

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