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User Guide for D2ASI, ASL Dealing 2000 and Citicorp ASI server for Thomson Financial Services DOS system

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Appendix - Hardware utilised

A.1 Hardware List

D2ASI runs on an IBM PC/AT type machine or lookalike, preferably with at least a 286 processor running at 12 MHz or more, with 640k of RAM and a hard disc for DOS, the program, the audit trails and the configuration file.

The following peripherals are needed:-

1 LAN card. The system was tested using Novell NE1000 & 2000 cards.

1 or 2 serial ports (which may be on the motherboard of a PC-lookalike)


1 Digiboard-4 multi-serial port card. Do not use cards with 16550 UARTs.

A colour VDU is necessary but CGA standard is good enough. Colour is essential, as the diagnostics are coloured according to origin to aid telephone diagnosis of queries.

The software uses Novell IPX as a transport mechanism and so a copy of IPX needs to be running on the user terminals and the server. This would normally be the case in the terminals. If the users Netware licence does not cover the D2ASI machine, load the low-cost Personal Netware into it.

A.2 Cabling

The LAN cabling is LAN-dependent. The type of LAN used is transparent to D2ASI.

The D2000 serial cable should be wired up as follows, assuming that 9 pin D type female plugs are used, which is normal:-

The ASI feed has a D25 male socket. The female plug should be wired with the modem control signals turned back, that is, pins 4 & % should be wired together and pins 6, 8 & 20 should be wired together.

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