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Last update 20/2/2005

Since our craven Prime Minister, intent on playing Mussolini to Bush's Hitler, seems to have suppressed any mention of the emerging facts surrounding Bush's theft of, not just the 2000 election but the 2004 one as well, I have collected news items sent by American friends & contacts concerning this crime.

Summary: The evidence boils down to this: The exit polls gave the election to Kerry. Unlike ordinary opinion polls, which have a margin of error of 3%, exit polls have demonstrated over many decades, a margin of error of only 0.3% (except in some from the US Congressional Elections of 2002 (see this link below), where the Republicans were obviously trying out their ballot-rigging methods). See this 268kb .pdf file.

In states where it was either not necessary to rig the ballot or where there is a paper audit trail of the election, the exit polls are within the 0.3% variation. In the critical states that used electronic systems, installed by firms that gave campaign donations to Bush, the exit polls are very different from the 'final' result. ALL the variations favour Bush. See this link about voting machines.

Karl Rove put contentious right-wing issues on the ballot papers in the critical states, not to produce a Republican surge (many Republicans do not like the so-called 'religious right') but to explain the extra, computer-generated votes.

People researching the results have found signed-off results lists in dumpers after having been shown falsified results by state election officials. (See www.blackboxvoting .org)

Media people have been threatened with job loss & black-listing if they suggest on radio or TV that the election was stolen. Some firms have stated that anyone joining the strike on Inauguration Day will be fired.

Did your paper report the challenge in the Senate on 6-1-2005?

Senator Boxer challenged the ratification, forcing its debate in both Houses.
Look for it in your paper (in GB) & if it is not there, write to the editor to ask why not?

Other races were stolen on 2/11/2004, see e.g. Washington State Governor's race. Hot News 26/12/2004 The Washington Supreme Court rules that the hidden votes should be counted, so the Democrat Governor wins!

If you have to visit the USA, in order to force the secretaries of state to call for new presidential elections in Ohio and Florida, boycott Wendy's restaurants and Outback Steak houses around the United States. Wendy's runs their corporation out of the state of Ohio and Outback Steakhouse runs their corporation out of the state of Florida.

There was a huge demo in Columbus, Ohio (state capital) on Saturday 4th December, not reported in the press. Independent reports on this link.
Also, one organised on Inauguration Day (Jan 20th) by DAWN and "Turn Your Back on Bush"

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