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This page contains the notes supplied to Ken Baldry about the family trees of this family. The information has been provided by Marge Delker (hit this to e-mail her)

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John Baldrey, b.? d.? m.? Occupation: artist/engraver living in Cambridge

[Art references support the belief that Joshua Kirby Baldrey (also known as John in some references) was in a father/son engraving business in Cambridge.]

(1)Elizabeth Baldrey b. 1764, c. 9/14/1806 [NOTE: this isn't established and is a guess]

(2)Joseph Baldrey b. ?, d. ?, m. Sarah (Doughty?) [NOTE: this is not established and is a guess]

(3)Joshua Kirby Baldrey, b/ 1758, d. 1828 at age 74, m. (1) m.(2)6/12/1808 Mary Jane Copsey
Occupation: artist/engraver in Cambridge. See also this link

Mary Jane Copsey Baldrey's Lineage:
John Copsey m. Thomason Occupation: Pig Jobber

John Copsey m. Mary(?) Occupation: waggoner, Little Saxham, Suffolk

Mary Jane Copsey, bpt. 11/29/1787

James Copsey, b. 1782

Phoebe, b. 2/12/1786

Sarah, b. 2/14/1790

Sophia, b. 3/26/1797

Thomas Copsey, b. 12/12/1756 [?]

Samuel Copsey, b. 1/4/1756 [?]

James Copsey, b. 4/26/1761

James Copsey, b. 8/1/1772

(3.1) Mary Baldrey (1), m. 4/6/1806 at age 21 to John Marshall Possibly was daughter from an unsubstantiated first marriage. She sas witness to second marriage of JKBaldrey

(3.2) Mary Copsey Baldrey, bpt. 12/20/1806 d. 1885

(3.3) Joshua Copsey Baldrey, b. 7/15/1810 Cambridge, d. 5/29/1857 buried St Andrew the Less, Cambridge, m(1) Ann Maria Stern, m. (2) @1814 Sara Sadler

Robert Ringwood Baldrey (1) b. 12/30/1856, St Andrew the Less, Cambridge, d. 4/1/1892 Woolston, Hants

Ann Baldrey, b. 1834, d.7/4/1839, Cambridge

Jane Baldrey, b. @ 1837, lived in London in 1895

Sarah Baldrey, b. @ 1838, d. before 1885

Charles William Baldrey, b. 2/10/1857, St Andrew the Less, Cambridge , d. 2/7/1935, Cambridge m @ 1872, Alice ...

Arthur Baldrey, b. @1873

Ada M Baldrey, b. @ 1875

Frederick C Baldrey, b. @ 1877

Ernest C Baldrey, b. @ 1880

Andrew Baldrey, b. @ 1840, Cambridge, m. 7/30/1868 Elizabeth Headon, Occupation: Lieut Colonel, 5th Dragoon Guards

Frank Shelston Headon Baldrey, b. 4/21/1869 in Brighton, Sussex, d. 6/19/1935 in Shelston, Maypole, Herne Bay, Kent, m. 10/1904, Bessie Hil Occupation: veterinary surgeon in the Army serving in India

Valentine Baldrey, b. 2/16/1874 in Tipperary, Ireland, d. 1/1940 in Staines, m. 12/23/1918 Kathleen Smith in Parish Church, East Malling, Kent

Kathleen Mary Headon Baldrey, b. 11/15/1921, St Aubins, Sturry, Kent, m. 3/2/1946 Anthony Desmond Lewis St Gerard Church, Knowle, Bristol (LIVING?)

Gertrude Emily Louise Baldrey b. 4/1872 in Manchester, Lancs, m. 10/1899, Henry Carr in Hackney

James Headon Carr, b. 5/17/1903, Dalston, London

Dyson Baldrey, b.

William Baldrey, b. 2/20/1842, Cambridge, m.12/27/1865 Alice Ann Rycroft at Colnbrook, Buckingham, Occupation: Inspector of Schools

Charles Herbert Baldrey, b. @1866 Hitchin, Herts, d. 12/30/1950, PeaceHaven, Sussex, m.Mary Boucaut

William Lewis Baldrey, b 11/6/1868, d. 4/20/1914 Brighton, Sussex, m. 8/8/1895, Evelyn Charlotte Collings at St Peters, St Albans

Kathleen Willoughby Baldrey, b. 6/22/1897 at Draycott, ridgemont Road, St Albans, m. Normal Moseley Penzer

Frank Edward Baldrey, b.7/11/1871, St. John, Hertford,, d 5/27/1963, Clacton, Essex, m. 10/3/1894, Jessie Alice Thomas at Holy Trinity, Chester, Occupation: soldier in Army Service Corp

Frank William Baldrey, b 7/1896 in Chester, d. @ 1930

Violet Jessie Baldrey, b. 5/18/1898, Chester, d. 11/28/1986, Nutley, Sussex, m. Ross Hindle 6/8/1922 in Haslingden, Lancashire

John Frank Hindle, b. 4/6/1924, d. 1/1/1997, Luton Bedfordshire, m. 10/22/1949, Gwen Tudor Owen

3 other sons living

Alice Rycroft Baldrey, b. 5/1906 in Salisbury, d. 9/29/1999, Portsmouth, Hants, m. 7/1940, William H.A.A. Cottam, Portsmouth Hants.

Charles Baldrey, b.@ 1908 in Southport(?), m.@ 1928 Florence ...

Evelyn Baldrey, b @1912, m. 9/9/1953 ...Parker

Julie Parker, m. Michael Clark

Ethel Maude Baldrey, b. 4/3/1876

Reginald Rycroft Baldrey, b 3/1881 in Verulam Road, St Albans, Herts

Emily Baldrey, b 1845

James Baldrey, b.8/1847, m. Emily Barker

Alice Baldrey, b. @1872

Sidney A J Baldrey, b. @1874

Emily Baldrey, b. @1877

Grace Baldrey, b. @1879

Percy Baldrey, b.2/1881

Johnathan Baldrey b. 6/1849 in Cambridge

(3.4) Elizabeth Parsons Baldrey, b. 9/9/1811

(3.5) Anne Baldrey, b. 3/3/1813

(3.6) Martha Baldrey, b. 12/9/1814

(3.7) Joseph Deighton Baldrey, b. 12/1817, d. 1889, m. Phoebe Schowen

Mary Jane Baldrey, b. 1842 d. 1905 in Cambridge m.7/6/1863 Thomas Leete at the Register Office, Cambridge. On marriage license, Mary is listed as a laundress, Thomas as a farmer, Joseph Deighton Baldrey as a gardener

Hermione (Hermena) Leete, b. 1872, Guilden Morden, Cambridgeshire. She was living with her mother at her grandfather's house in 1881

Alfred Thomas H Leete, b. 1866, Cambridge, ob 1867, Therfield, Herts

Susannah Baldrey, b. 1845, d. 1920, m. Fred Hinson

Ernest Hinson, lived in London in 1939

Olive Hinson, drowned in WWI

E. Julia Hinson, m. Foster

Alfred Baldrey, b. 1/28/1847, St Peters, St Giles, Cambridge

Henry Baldrey, b. 1850, d. 1927 m. Melvina Calista Loomis, Emigrated to USA, lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Valonia Phoebe Baldrey, m. F.H. Pratt

Alfred Abiel Loomis Baldrey, b. 5/1882, d. 8/1/1954, m. Winona Hine, Occupation: Lawyer

Kirby Hine Baldrey, b. 6/26/1907, d. 8/20/1981, Evert, Washington, m. 6/18/1938, Fayetta Wenzell

Daughter living

Living offspring

Daughter living

Clayton Baldrey, b. 7/5/1911, m. Madeline Hagg

Haynesworth Baldrey, died in Maryland Occupation: artist

Minnie Baldrey, b. @ 1853 m Leete

David Baldrey, b. 8/2/1855 in St. Andrews the Less, Cambridge

Edward Baldrey, alive in 1891 m. Laura, d. by 1939, widow living in Australia

Emert Baldrey, living in Australia in 1939

David Baldrey

Andrew Baldrey, b. @ 1859 m. Laura

(3.8) John Marshall Baldrey, b. @ 1817, d. ?, m. 6/20/1842

Agnes Jane Baldrey, bpt. 4/16/1843, m. Charles Fuller, lived in Birmingham

Edward Fuller, b. @1873, a screwmaker apprentice at age 19

Adeline Fuller, b. @ 1875

Beatrice Fuller, b. @ 1880

Twin boys, d. 1884

Fanny Isabelle Baldrey, bpt. 5/15/1844 never married, lived with her parents

Rosa Ann Baldrey, bpt. 6/22/1845, d. 3/1846

Thomas Marshall Baldrey, b. 9/18/1846, Caxton District, Orwell, Cambridge d. 12/30/1925 Anaheim, California , m. Frances Jane Preston Emigrated to USA

William Baldrey, m. Jean Mariott

William Baldrey, Jr



Thomas Marshall Baldrey, m. Elizabeth McNabney

Thomas William Baldrey , m. Ruth Evangeline Seymour

Living daughter

2 daughters, 1 son

Living son

2 sons, 1 daughter

Living son

3 daughters

Gwendolyn Frances Baldrey, m. Gaston Hocker

Living son

2 daughters, 1 son

Living son


Living daughter

5 daughters

Living son

Living offspring

Living son

Living daughter

3 sons

Nettina Jane Baldrey, m (1). ...Hobbs (2) Isaac Dir

Living daughter

Living son

Living offspring

Living daughter

Living son

Living offspring

Living daughter

Living daughter

Living son

Living offspring

Ivy Baldrey, m ...Olsen, lived in Illinois

Norma Olsen, d. 1986, Florida, m. Louis J. Thebault, Jr

Living offspring

Living son

Living offspring

Hepsibal Myrtle Baldrey, d. 1986 in Wyoming, m. Dave Green, lived in Nevada

Living offspring

Ruth Baldrey, d. @ 1964 in California, m. Lawrence Bodine

Living offspring

Bessie and Joseph Baldrey, twins died in infancy

Edward George Baldrey, bpt. 12/3/1848, never married, Emigrated to USA

Eleanor Rebeka Baldrey, bpt. 9/1/1850

John Alexander Baldrey, b. 12/27/1851, d. 11/14/1922, Hodgeman County, Kansas, m.3/9/1877 Mary Ellen Parsons at St Leonards by the Sea

Ellen Jane Baldrey, b. 7/19/1878, d. 9/14/1960, m. William John Querbach, Occupation: Farmer, Hodgeman County Kansas

Laurence Everett Querbach, b. 7/31/1901, d. m. (1)5/2/1925 Hazel Teague, Montrose Colorado (2) Pauline O'Dell, California Occupation: Petroleum Distributor

Patsy Ruth Querbach, (1) b. 4/3/1928, Montrose Colorado, m. 8/5/1950, Gerald E Rogers, San Pedro CA, Occupation: teacher

Living offspring

William Querbach, b. 1902, d. m. Elsie ... lived in California, Occupation: Salesman

Living offspring

John Lewis Querbach, b. 7/10/1904, d.8/8/1981, m. (1) Nita Bonus, Montrose Colo, (2) Maxine Brumfield , lived at Hanston,KS, Occupation: teacher and farmer

Living offspring

Ellen Querbach, b. d. m. John Eckert, Occupation: teacher

Living offspring

Charlotte Louise Querbach, b. 8/31/1909, d. m. 11/19/1929, Charlie Ames, Gunnison Colorado

Living daughter

Living offspring

Living daughter

Living offspring

Living son

Living offspring

Henry John Baldrey, b. 1/1/1881, never married, lived in Hodgeman County, Ks, Occupation: farmer

Lewis Ferrell Baldrey, b. 8/16/1882, Hanston, Ks, d. 7/8/1955, m. 1905, Edith Maude Bowers, Kinsley Ks

Zella Edith Baldrey, b. 5/19/1906, Hanston, Ks, d. m. 6/22/1930, Lyndall Hubbell, Jetmore Ks.

Louis Merl Baldrey, b. 1/27/1909. Hanston, Ks, d. 2/26/1958, m.1941, Margery Neeley in Oregon

Ida Iona Baldrey, b. 5/19/1910,d. m.12/17/1931 Howard Wilson, Jetmore, Ks

Living offspring

Raymond Alexander Baldrey, b. 11/3/1913, Hanston, Ks, d. 1/30/1961, m. 3/28/1941 Faye Taylor, lived in Jetmore, Ks

Charlotte Rebecca Baldrey, b. 8/8/1884, Hanston, Ks, d. 1951, m. 1930, Claude Anderson, lived at Hanston at the Baldrey homestead

Ida Agnes Baldrey, b.9/29/1886, Hanston, Ks, d. 1972, m. 1907, Charlie Houseman

Anna Isabell Baldrey, b.4/19/1889, d. 3/11/1963, m. (1) Howard McNabney (2) Wilbur Houseman

Berdena McNabney, b. 1/9/1910 at Pretty Praire, Ks, d. 7/12/1985, Jetmore, Ks, m. 7/3/1950, Raymond McKibben, Santa Fe NM

Nettina McNabney, b. d. m. ...McMurry lived at Hutchinson, Ks

Living offspring

Grace McNabney, b. m. James Rittenhouse living at Hanston, Ks

Living offspring

James Houseman, b. d. m. Pauline Smith

Living offspring

Mary Houseman, b. m. Tom Lonnberg

Living offspring

Charles Houseman, b. d. m. Betty Harrington

Living offspring

William Alexander Baldrey, b. 9/3/1891, Hanston Ks, d. 1981, never married, Occupation: farmer

(3.9) Susannah Baldrey, b. @ 1818, m. 8/19/1847 Henry Warland

(3.10) Ruth Baldrey, b. 1819

(3.11) Rebecca Baldrey, b. 1821

(3.12) Samuel Kirby Baldrey, b. 12/26/1823 at Hatfield, Hertfordshire, m. Rebecca ... in Ely, Cambridge

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