London (Hampstead) U3A - Monday History Talks Timetable updated 1/7/2019

We meet on Monday mornings at 11:35 in the Peter Samuel Hall.

Note that, in the Autumn Tern 2019, we will be moving to the Old Town Hall, room 2.21 on Wednesdays at 11:40

We suggest you bookmark this page which is always up-to-date. Talks are given by Ken Baldry.

Summer Term 2019
July 15th

Autumn Term 2019
in Room 2.21

Sept 25th
Oct 2nd
Oct 9th
Oct 16th
Oct 23rd
Oct 30th
Nov 6th
Nov 13th
Nov 20th
Nov 27th
Dec 4th
Dec 11th

Spring Term 2020
Jan 15th
Jan 22nd
Jan 29th
Feb 5th
Feb 12th
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Mar 11th
Mar 18th
Mar 25th
Apr 1st


Franks & Goths 468 - 712

Overview of Euro-history so far
The Eastern Roman Empire from the Fall of the West to 628
Islam arrives
The Greek (Byzantine) Empire from 628 to 750
Charlemagne and the Holy Roman Empire to 924
Italy from the Fall of Rome to 967
England from 800 until the Norman Conquest
Greeks and Arabs from 780 to 888
The Vikings from 792 to 1066
Venice to 1162
Spain from 759 to 1109
Greeks and Arabs from 888 to 1072

France from 920 - 1108 & Holy Roman Empire to about 1025
Forgotten Peoples
The Normans in England from 1066 to 1135
From 1027 and 1st Crusade
Scotland from David I to David II
12th Century 1
12th Century 2
Holy Orders
Henry II of England
Iberia 1109 - 1217
The Kingdom of Jerusalem & 3rd Crusade
12th Century 3

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