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The Gerrard Chronicles 2021

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XMAS 2020

Owing to Covid restrictions, we just had Philip next door round for a more-or-less traditional Xmas Dinner at lunch, with his vegetarian daughter June, for whom, Ken made an Eggs Florentine with vegan bacon instead of the real thing.


There is no Campaign Trail report this year, as campaigning is not practical during a Pandemic. From the beginning, Ken wrote essays which he circulated to the U3A in London Politics & Current Affairs Group, which stirred up reactions & counter-reactions. Click on Ken's Lockdown essays, if you are interested. Ken also posted them on Facebook & generally, they were better received there.
For most of the essays, Ken assumed that Bozo Johnson, having climbed to the top of the greasy pole, had no idea what to when he had got there but taking his actions since the initially delayed lockdown, a much more sinister picture of Bozo is emerging, going back to his early statement, “Let the bodies pile high”. It would appear he really meant it, when taken with the early talk of Herd Immunity. Every since then, action has always been taken much later than the scientific advice suggested, resulting in another pile of bodies. Either Bozo does not care or this is intentional.
As part of this overall strategy, it would appear that the intention is, sooner or later, to totally overwhelm the National Health Service, an institution that he loathes, as well he might, as it is one of the really successful Marxist institutions in the World.


Ken, who had had new glasses which did not seem to be an improvement, now has trouble with the ubiquitous, except on motorways white-on-green road signs. In the cities, Avis read them & told him which lanes to get in. This looks like an incipient cataract problem. This can be fixed by a routine cataract operation but there are two problems with that.
1. Routine (so-called ‘elective’) operations are being put back because of the overload on the NHS, as they try to catch up on work pushed back by Covid &
2. Ken only has one good eye. The right eye has as-it-were, grey bars across it. This is not totally disabling but other peoples’ eye-brows may be raised at the thought of him doing the cooking, as he does.
The Luck of the Baldrys seems to be running a bit thin, given that Avis also has a problem. We are going to need some help.

Thursday 28th October

Avis & Alyson

Because, not just of lockdown but because Alyson is shielding, owing to multiple health problems, we were unable to take advantage of the brief, & as it turned out, foolish opening up last Summer & visit her in the picturesque village of Glossop, East of Manchester & right on the edge of the Peak National Park. Alyson is Avis’s younger sister. We drove up on a largely dull day but up there, they have much more advanced Autumn Colour than the small amount visible round London. (We did make an expedition to Burnham Beeches, to be greeted by little but greenery). Apart from doubling the number of her walking sticks, Alyson seemed in good heart but we made the mistake of eating in the pub of the Norfolk Arms, which became very noisy. We usually eat in the vegan Globe pub when up here, which is very civilised & the food is good.
A black mark for the pub was that breakfast was served at 10:00 during the week, which meant that we left unfed, this being ridiculous. We came back away we have not used for decades: down the A515, which goes along the tops to the West of the A6 to Ashbourne & thence to Derby.

Sociability Rather limited but, after the release from Lockdown, lunches with Michèle & Alan & an amazing “Tea” with Martin & Maryse
Our coffee bill has ballooned as Ken refers to our Caffé Nero as “The Islington Green Social Centre” & takes Avis there, partly in order that she has some exercise & partly, because we have made so many friends among the regulars.

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