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Rome, also on Ken's Bucket List

October 12th to 16th 2017

Avis had been to Rome on her first Teachers' Summer Holiday in 1956 but Ken had never been. We went on a four night Riviera Travel trip by aeroplane (alas, but it is too far to drive) & stayed in the Hotel President, which is ten minute brisk walk from the Colosseum.

We imagine many of you will have been to Rome, so there follows a scattering of photos, rather than a blow-by blow account of the trip. The weather was perfect the whole time.

Emperor Aurelian's Wall about 270

S.Giovanni Lateran, Pope's Church

Inside S.Giovanni Lateran

Pa;latine Hill over the Circus Maximus

Trevi Fountain

Avis at the Trevi Fountain

The hard-to-photo Pantheon

St.Anne's in the Piazza Novena

Inside St.Anne's

Castello S.Angelo

St. Peter's in the Vatican

S.Maria Maggiore

Vatican Panorama

Inside S.Maria Maggiore

The Capitale (near Victor Emmanuele Station)

Constantine's Arch

Constantine's Arch at Night

Colosseum (shows hows it's built)

Inside the Colosseum

Colosseum at night

Forun & city centre from Titus' Arch


Emperor Augustus' Forum AD2

Villa Borghese (art gallery)

Spanish Steps

Panorama from the top of the Spanish Steps

Art Scene

The Campaign Trail

Traveller's Tales

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