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An unusual trip to the Alps & into Italy - a short stay in Stresa

September 11th & 12th

The Hotel Royal could only accommodate us in one room when we got there & another for the other two nights but the view was splendid, over towards Baveno. Dinner was a short menu for €25 each, which was ok. The Head Waiter, who had worked in London, was quite a card & fluent in French & German as well, so we used all languages.

It was a bit dull at first on the Thursday but we took a boat (there seem to be a number of different lines, all charging the same) to the near islands, Isola Pescatore & Isola Bella. We had a good walk round both, not having been here since 1996, including the ridiculous gardens of the Palace on Isola Bella. These now have a café, where we had lunch. After taking the boat back, Avis snoozed while I walked into Stresa & looked at the sculpture show commemmorating 11-9-2001. After dinner in the hotel again, we talked to a German coach driver who spoke five languages.

Hotel Royal from Isola Bella

Baveno & Isola Pescatore from our 1st room.

Isola Pescatore from the Hotel

On Isola Pescatore

The small boat harbour on Isola Pescatore

Isola Pescatore is rather laid back

The Church on Isola Bella

Inside the Church

Model of Isola Bella in the Palace

Above: The ghastly gardens on Isola Bella   Below: Isola Bella from the boat (leaving)

The next day, we walked to downtown Stresa (it's about 20 minutes from the hotel) passing first, two derelict palaces near the waterfront & then, the giant expensive hotels full of rich bastards, with whom, we would not wish to associate. We explored the town a bit, then walked back to have lunch by the cable car station.

Some of the sculptures commemorating 11-9-2001

Views around downtown Stresa & us imbibing coffee.

After lunch, we went up the cable car to Mottarone for the splendid views. It is two stage & there are Alpine Gardens a short walk from the middle station.

North across Lago Maggiore from Mottarone

East across Lago Maggiore from Mottarone

Towards Monte Rosa

Lake Orta

The Alpine Garden

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