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On returning, Avis found that the Chair of the Islington Society was attacking the concept of the theatre on the Collins site, which Avis had worked so hard to progress. He quietened down after Avis wrote a counter-article in the local paper. Avis’ in fact, is in almost weekly contact with the developer, so knows exactly how it is progressing & he ended the year by asking her to do a drawing of what it might look like, introducing new ideas for an as yet undesigned feature & for which he paid on the dot.


Still in February, we visited Manchester again to see the boys & went on to Liverpool to see three William Daniels paintings (Avis’ great-great uncle) newly hung in the Walker Art Gallery. On to Sudley House, where the curator Anthony Hesdon was a real Daniels enthusiast, leading us straight to ‘The Gleaner’ (right, his daughter Mary photo ©A Hesdon), surely the most beautiful Victorian portrait. More about Daniels later.


On March 18th, we desperately needed to get away from the boys’ problems, so drove down to Lynmouth for three nights in the delightful 14th Century ‘Rising Sun’ inn. Not cheap but worth it. We spent the first day walking up to Watersmeet & back a different way. Then we walked up to Lynton & along the North Walk footpath above the precipitous cliffs to the Valley of the Rocks, before coming back through Lynton. Day Two comprised a tour as far as Barnstaple.

Avis in the Lyn Valley

Ken in the Lyn Valley

'The Rising Sun" (thatched one)

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