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Off for a cruise on this lovely Fred Olsen ship.

The MV Balmoral, photoed at Santa Cruz de La Palma,
under the precipitous cliffs which surround the city
on this mountainous island.


Sometimes, Fred's give frequent floaters a perk. This time, it was a car collecting us from home & taking us to Southampton to the ship. No car turned up but rining the agency brought one within 28 minutes of the correct time & he got us to the wrong berth, as specified, in 2 hours, very good. We did find the right berth, obvious as Balmoral was there alongside. Even with the problems, this beat taking our bags down to Waterloo.

The trip took us from Southampton to

Gran Canaria
La Palma

& back to Southampton

Leaving Southampton on a really nice day but...

Sunday 22nd December 2019 - Boarding

Something obviously went wrong if Ken took a photo of Southampton in the Sun in Winter. We could have expected to sail after Lifeboat Drill in the late afternoon. However, this Winter, the weather has been terrible & so it was forecast for Sunday night in the Channel. On such matters, the Driver's Word is Law & he was not going to sail until Monday morning at about 10:30. This meant we were going to miss Casablanca (& we had had a tour booked to Rabat, as, when you have seen the new & not very well built mosque, the rest of Casablanca is a dump). Later, we heard that a P&O ship did sail into the night & had a really bad time.
This doomed us to 5 days at Sea before making landfall in Tenerife.
Elliott Taylor was Cruise Director until Tenerife, standing in for Alan, we think. He flew home from there & handed over to Marina.

Port 1 - Tenerife

Port 2 - Gran Canaria

Port 3 - La Palma

Port 4 - Madiera

Port 5 - Lisbon

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