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Sunday 30th October 2016

Catania in the morning

Some of the tours left while we got up. Apparently, it took them a whole hour to get to Syracusa! We left at about 09:50 & walked into town, dodging much of the traffic, by going round back streets & going in the Santa Agata church before the Cathedral.

Buildings on the back streets between the port road (Via Dusmet) & St. Agatha

Santa Agatha

The Cathedral

The Cathedral aisle

San Placido

Then, we carried on the Via Victor Emmanuele II & found, with a little difficulty, the Museo Belliniani, hiding behind scaffolding & corrugated iron. Only €2 each to get in. A good collection, including portraits I did not know plus a picture of him being exhumed in 1876! The crown jewels were original manuscripts. The two curators were surprised to see us & when they struggled to explain, Avis said I knew all about it & I said Professore di Musica.

St. Augustine

Liccu Hotel

Bellini Museum

Inside the Bellini Museum

Norma Act 2

Death mask

Exhumed in Paris

The Roman Theatre is next to the Bellini Museum, so we went round.

We went back to the main square for coffee, then I took Avis back to the Port Shuttle Bus.

Fontana dell' Ammenano

St. Agatha & Cathedral

Porta Uzeda

There was a market by the railway, which disfigures the front at Catania.

I went further into town, going up a steep, stepped road to the San Nicola, a very ugly church & better monastery.

Town Hall

Via Etnea

Basilica Collegiata

St. Nicola...

...looks better from the side

St. Nicola Monastery

St. Nicola Monastery & church

The previous St. Nicola

Porta Uzeda other side

Then, to the castle & back to the port. Altogether, I walked nearly 8 miles today. More photo work (& more to come). Joyce is unwell, so I bought a card & got people in the lounge to sign it (only 4 refused, the miserable sods), sealed it & gave it to the Rosario guitarist to take to Joyce. Another mediocre comedian in the evening.

Castle North side

Castle West side

No info on this arch on Via Zurria

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