Patrick Delaforce & Ken Baldry

'The Delaforce Family History' - Chapter 38
The Mysterious Earls of Albermarle
and the Conqueror’s Family

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Chapter 38

"we were a gallant company" BYRON

The Mysterious Earls of Albermarle and the Conqueror’s Family

The two mysteries relating to this wild and exotic family are as follows. Where did they come from? Where did they go? The search was fascinating but, in the end, fruitless.

They are extremely well documented in the English National Bibliography of the last three Earls of Albermarle covering the period 1200-1260. They are very poorly documented in the period 1050 to 1200. Nothing more had turned up by 2003, since Patrick wrote this in 1980. In the period 1260-1340 when the species was officially extinct, they were alive and well and refusing to fade away.

This chapter sets out to examine the early and the latter period. The period 1200-1260 is partly covered by chapters 36 and 37 when a GEOFFREY and three consecutive GUILLAUMES were De FORCES and Earls of Albermarle. The English and French historians are in many ways vague and haphazard about the early period, admitting that there was a Senior and a Cadet side of the family. What this probably means is that there were 'simultaneous' Earls using various titles - AUMALE, ALBERMARLE, occasionally HOLDERNESS, YORK, CRAVEN and DEVON. They were either younger brothers or cousins. The senior side of the family in the North of England - Yorkshire and Cumberland and the cadet side in the South - Devon, Somerset and perhaps WINTON/Winchester.

The 'Complete Peerage' and the 'Extinct Peerage' of Great Britain use the same basic formula of the French historians. Very simply put they make but three or four points.


ODO of AUMALE married Adelaid/Adeliza, the Conquerors sister.


Their son Stephen became Earl of Albermarle.


Stephen's son William le Gros became Earl of Albermarle.


William Le Gros' only surviving child, a daughter, HAWISE inherited the title (and then married 3 or 4 times depending on the historian concerned - in the period 1189-1196).

These 4 points span a period of about 170 years. With young men marrying at the age of 18-21 and young girls from about 15 onwards there may be eight or even nine generations in this 170 year period.

Very detailed research from many sources has produced the facts for the chronological tables that follow. The Red Book of the Exchequer was helpful and the classics mentioned in Appendix I were invaluable. The VICTORIA County Histories produced vital clues in Yorkshire.

Possible date
of birth




WILLIAM the CONQUERORS sister ADELAID/ADELIZA, born about 1030AD married three times in 1045/50: in 1053 to INGELRAM/ENGUERRAND/WILLIAM Comte de PONTHIEU and Lord of AUMALE. He was killed a year later at ARQUES.


Their daughter ADELIZA born 1053, became Comtess d’AUMALE and heir about 1080 and she died in 1090. It is almost certain that she married a DE (LA)FORCE about 1070, either a GUILLAUME or a GAUFRIDUS (see chapter 36). There were five generations of ANJOU GAUFRIDUSI GEOFFRIES spanning 1020-1140 and even more WILLIAMS.


The Conquerors sister married a third time to ODO 'le Champenois' who became Count of Champagne and Lord of Holderness (the Albermarle title in Yorkshire): he was however disinherited of the titles by the Conqueror some of which were given to his son STEPHEN (by ADELAIDE). STEPHEN was born about 1058 and killed in the first Crusade in 1096. If Stephen had any sons they certainly did not include WILLIAM Le GROS, Earl of Albermarle b.1110-79 since Stephen was in his grave 14 years before WILLIAM's birth.


At the Conquest in 1066 in the Battle honours were (Source TAILLEFER)...


GUILLAUNE d'AU BELLE MARE, Seigneur de FOUGIERES and also...


THOMAS, ERLE D'AUMARLE fighting alongside a Knight called FORZ. It is possible that THOMAS was a son of ADELAIDE by her first marriage. GUILLAUMES only title was that of S. de Fougieres. He might have also been ADELIZA's son by her first marriage. He was listed No 6 in the Battle Honours (which were not in alphabetical order).



In the Domesday Book of 1085/6 ROBERT of AUMALE, Earl of ALBERMARLE was shown as a major landowner in Devon and elsewhere in England. He was probably Thomas' son (see 3).


Although there is little information available at the end of the 11th century certain deductions can be made relating to that period from events early in the 12th century, but see (7) below.


The monastery and town of FORS, near AYSGARTH & JERVAULX & RICHMOND in Yorkshire was built in the period 1145-1150 by "AQUARIUS/AKARIUS (WILLIAM), son of BARDOLPH". AQUARIUS was WILLIAM Le GROS, Earl of Albermarle who founded the Abbey of RICHMOND in Yorkshire and St MARTIN d'ACY at AUMALE in Normandy. One historian said "De FORS founded the monstery of Richmond in 1147".



So plump and prosperous WILLIAM was born about 1110. He made gifts in 1135 (Willelm’s Comitis Albae Marlae) to St MARTINI d'ANJOU. (Source MARCHEGAY) the home of the POITOU/ANJOU Delaforce family. He was made Earl of Yorkshire for beating the Scots in 1138. He married about 1130. One historian says that he had two sons Stephen and William: others say he had but one daughter called HAWISE. He died in 1179.



His father was called BARDOLPH born about 1080. He could well have been the..


Seigneur RADULF de FORTE, brother or son of Seigneur GUILLELMI de FORTE, Monarchi de FONTANIS, St MARTINS TALAMONTE, FONTENAY, MARMOUTIER en bas POITOU in 1098.

All through the Albermarles history in Yorkshire runs their true love for FOUNTAINS Abbey (William took sanctuary there in 1220).


In the period 1129-1143 PAGANUS de ALBA MARLA (HARDUINO de cajus erat feoda) and PAGANUS de FOCARIO, landowner in ANJOU at the same time were evidently the same man (HARDUINO now being les CADOUINS in ANJOU). Probably PAGANUS was AKARIUS or WILLIAM, son of BARDOLPH/RADULF (6) and (7).


WILLIAM Le GROS 1110-1179 was possibly the same man as "GROSSO" de FOSSIS, who together with "BOBINUS" (ROBERTUS) and "RAINARDUS" (REGINALDUS) owned lands at St Marie, PANTENAM (modern PARTHENAY) in the first quarter of the 12th century. The coincidence of "GROSSO" and "LE GROS" at the same time and place is reasonably good proof that they were the same man. The Great Roll of the PIPE shows ROBERTUS de ALBERMARLA in 1182 'de misericordia regis (Henry II) pro foresta de placitis CURIE; REGINALDUS de ALBERMARLE "pro recognitione de WODNESBERIA", and 1183-6 Reg. and Robertus de ALBERMARLE'. Also the same year WILLELMO is shown as Comiti de Albermarle of SVDSEXA/Sussex. This is during the period between WILLIAM le Gros' death in 1179 and his daughter HAWISE's marriages.


ROGER de FORCE/de FORTIBUS and REGINALDUS de FORTIBUS were landowners in Essex, Notts and Derby in 1166-94. Co-incidence? or were they the same men as Roger and Reginaldus de Albermarle?


To complicate matters Bernard was a Count of Albermarle in 1202 owning lands in Kent and Lincoln. In the same "Feod. of ALBEM" were GALFRIDUS, ROBERTUS and WILLIELMUS Des FORZ, de FURCHIS. GALFRIDUS de ALBA MARLA had to produce 'J militem' in Devonshire that year.


HADWISE or HAWISE, the only daughter of WILLIAM Le Gros 1110-1179 was descended from ADELIZA, Countess of AUMALE 1053-1090, grand-daughter of ADELIZA/ADELAIDE, the Conquerors sister 1030-1080. These are known facts: did the second ADELIZA marry a WILLIAM de FORTE, father of BARDOLPH/RADULF, about 1050AD? It is logical to suppose she did.

The chart below helps to clarify the genealogical table linking the POITOU/ANJOU branch of this family to that of the Conqueror.

The Albemarle Connexion

Robert I Duke of Normandy (999 - 3/7/1035 Nicea,Turkey) see chapter49, tree 6 & (1023) Arlette (?1003 - ?) daughter of Fulbert of Falaise

Adeliza/Adelaide (?1030 - ?1080 Boulogne) = 1. Eudes (Odo) Earl of Albemarle (1026 Troyes - 1096)

Thomas Earl of Albermarle (1046 - ?) fought at Hastings

Robert of Aumale (1065 - ?) Earl of Albermarle, landowner in Devon (Domesday Book) = (1050) ?

Guillaume D'Aubellemare Seigneur de Fougières (1047 - ?) fought at Hastings

= 2. Enguerrand Lord of Aumale Cde Ponthieu in 1052 (? - 1053)

Adeliza Countess d'Aumale (1053 - 1090) = (1070) William de Forte (?1050 - ?)

See next family tree below

= 3. Stephen Le Champenois

Stephen Earl of Albermarle (1055 - 1096 on Crusade)

Conventionally, Hawise of Aumale descends from this line. As Patrick points out, the dates do not make sense.

William the Conqueror (1027 - 9/9/1087 Priory St. Gervais, nr Rouen) = (1053 Notre Dame d'Eu) Matilda of Flanders


Odo Bishop of Bayeux (?1030 - ?) fought at Hastings

William de Forte (?1050 - ?) see chapter 40, tree 2 = Adeliza Countess d'Aumale (1053 - 1090)

Bardolf/Radulf de Forte (?1080 - ?) "Monarchi de FOUNTAINES", Talamont in Anjou = ?

Akarius/Aquarius/William 'Le Gros' Earl of York & Albermarle (bfr 1115 - 8/1179) = (1130) Cicely FITZ-DUNCAN gg-grand-daughter of Malcolm King of Scotland

William (1130 - ?)
(from Patrick's notes)

Stephen (1135 - ?)
(from Patrick's notes)

Hawise of Aumale (?1159 - 11/3/1213-4) = 1. (14/1/1179 - 1190) William de Mandeville Earl of Albemarle

= 2. Geoffrey des FORTS


= 3. (aft 3/7/1190 Sicily) William I de FORTZ (? - 1195)

See next family tree below

= 3. Baldwin de Bethune (? - 13/10/1213) Earl of Albemarle

Geoffrey d'AUMALE
(from Ken's notes)

Fat William built Scarborough Castle around 1130 (Ken's notes) & founded Fors & Richmond in Yorkshire (Patrick's notes)

William de Forte (?1081 - ?) Brother? = ?

Family of the parents of Hawise, wife of William de FORTZ

Malcolm III MacCRINAN King of SCOTS = Ingebiorg of ORKNEY

Gospatrick I MacCRINAN of DUNBAR (1040? - 1072) = Aethelreda Princess of ENGLAND (1042? - ?)

Ranulph I BAYEAUX of BESSIN = Alix of Normandy

Ramfray de RUMILLY = ?

Duncan II MacCRINAN of SCOTS (1060? - 1094) = Ethelreda of DUNBAR (1065? - ?)

Ranulph II le MESCHINES = ?

Robert de RUMILLY (1072? Normandy - 1096?) = Muriel

etc. as the previous page

Duncan = ?

William de MESCHINES Lord of COPELAND (?1098 Normandy - ?1130) = Cecily de RUMILLY (1096? Normandy - 1153?)

Bardolf/Radulf de Forte (?1080 - ?) "Monarchi de FOUNTAINES", Talamont in Anjou = ?

William FitzDUNCAN MacCRINAN Earl of MORAY (?1095 - ?1154) = Alice de ROMELLY (?1110 Scotland - ?1187)

William Le Gros (bfr 1115 - 8/1179) Count of Albemarle = Cicely Fitz-Duncan

Hawise of Aumale (?1159 - 11/3/1213-4) = 2. (aft 3/7/1190 Sicily) William I de FORTZ (? - 1195)

William II de FORTZ Earl of Albemarle after 1213, also known as Fortibus (c 1193 - 26/3/1241 or 2 on ship on the Mediterranean) "a feudal adventurer of the worst type" excommunicated end 1215 & also 1221! = (abt 1214) Aveline de Montfichet (? - 1239) daughter of Richard de Montfichet

William III de FORZ (17/12/1216 - 23/5/1260 Amiens) Earl of Albemarle =
1. (bfr 1224) Christina de Sullye of Galloway (? - 1246) ggg-daughter of Henry I of England
= 2. (1248) Isabella de REDVERS (1237 - 1293) gt-granddaughter of William the Conqueror

Thomas de FORTZ (? - 1269) Earl of Albemarle

William de FORTZ Earl of Albemarle? = ?

Filippa de FOSSIS = Giovanni, Senor de Crispano
Information from Domenico Mastromarino, who's family this is.

Teron de FORTZ

John de FORTZ

Aveline de FORTZ (20/1/1258-9 - 10/11/1274 Stockwell) = (9/4/1269 Westminster Abbey) Edmund 'Crouchback' PLANTAGENET (16/1/1245 London - 5/6/1296 Bayonne) Earl of Lancaster, son of Henry III
no issue

Avice de FORTZ (? - bfr 1269) = (?1266 Levington,Yorks) Ingelram de PERCY (1230? Petworth,Northumberland - 1262 Spain)
no issue

Extra information from Caroline Foster

The second part of this chapter concerns the end of the Albermarles. The last recorded Earl was WILLIAM de FORS, de FORTIBUS born about 1215, who married CHRISTINA de SULLYE, younger daughter of ALAN, Lord of Galloway and a direct descendant of William the Conqueror by Henry I & one of his mistresses. After several battles William eventually ruled a third of Galloway: he became Earl of Albermarle in 1242 on his father's death and paid 100 Livres to the throne for the privilege. In 1246 he signed the letter of remonstrance from the English nobles to Innocent IV. The love-hate relationship with Fountains abbey was finally concluded peacefully in the same year. Two years later William remarried Isabella de REDVERS, daughter of BALDWIN, Earl of DEVON, Lord of the Isle of Wight. He was sheriff of Cumberland and keeper of Carlisle Castle for many years; William like his father took part in the affairs of State. He was a member of the Mad parliament of Oxford in 1258 and was a member of the Kings council (cabinet) of Fifteen. He had a close relationship to King Henry III (see The English National Biography). He was frequently in France and died in Amiens in 1260. He was buried in Yorkshire. There were five children by ISABELLA and possibly some by his first marriage to CHRISTINA. He had a son called THOMAS, another called WILLIAM, a daughter called HAVOISE or HAWISE. The fact this his first son was called THOMAS may be significent - perhaps after the Earl of that name who fought at Hastings in 1066. Eventually another daughter AVELINA was left as sole heiress and the richest in the Kingdom. Avelina married King Henry Ill’s younger son Edmund, Earl of Lancaster but she died in 1274 without issue and was buried in Westminster Abbey. Her mother Isabella who lived until the end of 1293 was described as Countess of Devon, Albermarle and Lady of the Isle of Wight. To protect her vast estates she resorted to, and became famous for, her activities in the courts. Finally the succession was divided between the COURTENAY family, who became Earls of Devon from 1335 and King Edward I to whom she surrendered the Isle of Wight.' It is interesting to record what happened to the title after William's death in 1260. Thomas was his main heir and lived in Holderness in 1268.


Who was Sir William de FORT who was noted during 1270-1280? He witnessed land sales at Westkingtone (Westminster) during that time and later still in 1297 was in prison at Berwick Castle.


HENRICUS de ALBERMARLE was a Baron, either of ELY, or he was in Ely in 1270. He was a nephew of William de FOSSA.


Baldewin de FORZ, was Count of Devon in the 12th year of Edward the 1st reign, i.e. 1284.


In 1287 William de FORZ "ciuondam", sometime Count of Aumale held 34 borates of land in Wapentake of GRAFFOE (Carlton). Two years later WILLIAM de ALBERMARLE held Middle Chinnock, Somerset of the 'fee' of ASHILL. (ROT.ORIGIN)


T. RYMER, the English historian, showed in the period 1305-1327, Williams and Johns as Knights and Members of Parliament in England. The names were spelt de FOSSE, dela FOSSE, FORT, FOR, le FORCET, de la FURSE.


In the reign of Edward III, i.e. after 1327, WILLMUS de FORTIBUS was "Comitem Albe Marlie in Cayton (Carlton) & Osgotby. (Also shown as Wills Le FORTIR, Le FORT, de FORTE and de FURCHES.)


In 1344 (Ed. III 17th year) ISABELLA de FORTIBUS, Countess of Albermarle's will was finally settled and that of Elizabeth de FORTIBUS also Countess Albermarle and Devon. Her family were mentioned in her will - MARY, BALDWIN, John and Hugo - the last becoming Count (Source: T. Rymer)

Robert of Normandy’s wife Arlette was the daughter of Fulbert ‘The Tanner’ of Falaise & Duxia.

The family continued for many hundreds of years mostly in Somerset and Devon under the names of FORCE, FURSE or FOSSE but after 1500 rarely, if ever, with a prefix of 'de' or 'de la'.

But what about Robert, Duke of Normandy?

Who were his antecedents? Later, we shall see that the Delaforces probably do not originate in this line, as the trail through the Albemarles peters out in the West of England. Just to be on the safe side, we must trace back from Robert.

Robert's father is in the line of boating bandits from Norway that wreaked such havoc on the coasts & up the rivers of Europe. However, the indication that the village of Fourcès is clearly part of our heritage lead us to search the lines of people who lived in that area. One of these was Bernard Plantevelue, the 'Hairyfoot' & a son of Gascony. We will find that his aunt is definitely one of our ancestors, hence our interest in him, see chapter 48.

Robert of Normandy's maternal grandmother was Ermengarde of Anjou, which seemed to be getting warm. She married Conan, Duke of Brittany & was the daughter of Geoffrey Grisgonelle (greycoat), the Count of Anjou. His father was Fulk the Good & we reached this line by following Bernard Plantevelue's strategic marrying-off of his children to protect his wide domains in the South-West of France. Bernard is in fact, not only an ancestor of the three William de Fortz’ but his family also brings the dreadful Charlemagne into that family tree. We shall now embark on a long excursion, starting on the French Riviera...

Bernard Plantevelue & the Art of protecting one's Patch

Bernard (II) PLANTEVELUE (26/3/841 Uzès - 886) Count of Autun, Rodez, Toulouse, Marquis of Gothie
= Ermengarde de CHALONS (?850 - aft 881) dau. of Bernard Comte d'Auvergne (815 - 868)

Adelaide (Adelinde) of CARCASSONNE (867? - ?) = Acfrid II Count of CARCASSONNE & RASEZ

see next family tree below

Aba (Ava) (865? - aft 893) = Hector of ARVERNE (860? - ?)

Aba (Ava) (892? - aft 942) = Geoffrey Vicomte de ORLEANS

see below

William le PIEUX Count of ARLES, Duke of AQUITAINE (? - 918) = Engelberge of PROVENCE dau. of Boson I of the Ardennes, King of Lower Burgundy (bfr 850 - 11/1/887) = Ermengarde (?852 - 22/6/896) dau. of German Kaiser Louis II ult. Charlemagne

see below

Daughter One was Adelaide, who married Acfrid of Carcassonne, a smart dynastic marriage, Bernard protecting his southern flank.

Adelaide (Adelinde) of CARCASSONNE (867? - ?) = Acfrid II Count of CARCASSONNE & RASEZ

Waifre of AQUITAINE = ?

Estrude de AQUITAINE = Louis de GAVRE

Rasse I de GAVRE (? - aft 1030) = ?

Rasse II de GAVRE (? - 1056?) = Catherine de CYSOING

Jean de GAVRE = Isabel d' ALOST

Rasse III de GAVRE = Ida de ROEUX

Bertrand (Rasse IV) de GAVRE = Ida (Domnison) de CHIEVRES

Bertha de GAVRE

Arsenda (Arsinde Arsinda) de CARCASSONNE (902? - 969?) = Arnold I of CONSERANS (898? - bfr 957)

Arsenda (Arsinde Arsinda) de COMMINGES (955? - 986?) = Guillaume Marquis/Duke of PROVENCE (958 - 994)

William Count of PROVENCE (982? - 1018) = Gerberga (Gerberge) of BURGUNDY

Guillaume BERTRAND Count of PROVENCE

Geoffrey I BERTRAND Count of ARLES


Guillaume married again = (abt 982) Adélaïde Blanche d'ANJOU (?947 - 1026) below who herself then married Louis V of France

No joy for the searching Delaforces there! Daughter Two was Aba, used to protect his northern flank by marrying Geoffrey of Orleans. By marrying Fulk the Good, their daughter Gerberge brought the blood of Charlemagne into that family.

Aba (Ava) (892? - aft 942) = Geoffrey Vicomte de ORLEANS

Gerberge (Gerverga) de GATINAIS (920? - 952) = (937) Fulk II 'the Good' Count d' ANJOU (910 Angers - 958 Tours) see below

Bouchard IV (? - 1007?) = Elizabeth Dame de SCEAUX & LARCHANT (2nd husband)

Elizabeth (Adela) de VENDOME

may not be the right child

Geoffrey I 'Grisgonelle' Count d'ANJOU (938 - 987 in battle) = Adelaide (Adelais) of VERMANDOIS (947? - 12/3/975)

see below

Adela (Alix Adelaide Arsinde) 'Blanche' d' ANJOU (947? - 1026) = 1. Etienne II de GEVAUDAN

Philippa de GEVAUDAN

= 2. ?

= 3. Guillaume Marquis/Duke of PROVENCE (958 - 994)

Constance of ARLES

Ermengarde of ARLES

Toda of PROVENCE = Bernard (Bernat) I TALLAFERRO (?955 - ?1020)

see Appendix IV-3 5th tree

= 4. Louis V King of France 986 (967 - 5/987 poisoned, allegedly by his mother Queen Emma)

no issue

Agnes d' ANJOU = Andre I de CRAON

Lisois 'le Vieux' de CRAON

The evidence surrounding this family is shaky.

(possible) Aubri Count de GATINAIS Vicomte d' ORLEANS (900? Gatinais - ?) see below

Bernard’s son, Pious William, took care of his Eastern side by marrying into Provence.
Engelberge was a descendant of Charlemagne.

William le PIEUX Count of ARLES, Duke of AQUITAINE (? - 918) = Engelberge of PROVENCE

daughter = Rotbald I (Rotbaude Rotbold) d' ARLES

Boso (Bozon II) of PROVENCE (920? - 965?) = Constance of ARLES (de VIENNE) (946? - 964)

William Marquis or Duke of PROVENCE (958 - 994)


Rotbaud II Count of PROVENCE (961 - 1008)


To continue the blood line, it is carried by Geoffrey, the grandson of Aba & Geoffrey of Orleans. From him, it follows the trees below to the familiar Albemarle trees in the previous chapter. Gerberge d'Anjou Grisgonelle was an ancestor of Henry III of England, as his father John married a Taillefer, see Appendix IV-6, tree 2.

Geoffrey I 'Grisgonelle' Count d'Anjou (938 - 21/7/987 siege of Marcon) = 2. Adelaide (Adelais) of VERMANDOIS (947? - 12/3/975)

Maurice d'Anjou

Fulk III 'the Black' Count d'Anjou (967 - 22/5/1040 Metz) = Hildegard of Metz (968? - 1/4/1046 Jerusalem)

Ermengarde (Blanche) Countess d' ANJOU (1018 -1076) = Geoffrey IV Count of GATINAIS (1001? - 1046) see below

Ermangarde d'Anjou (952 - 27/7/992) = Conan I Duke of Brittany

see next tree below

Gerberge d'Anjou Grisgonelle = (bfr 1000) William II TAILLEFER (? - 6/4/1028 poisoned by his daughter-in-law Alaizie)

see Appendix IV-6 1st tree

Ermangarde d' ANJOU (952 - 27/7/992) = Conan I Duke of Brittany

Judith de BRETAGNE (abt 980 - 1017) = (1000) Richard II 'The Good' Duke of Normandy (962 - 28/8/1026 Fecamp )

Robert I Duke of Normandy (999 - 3/7/1035 Nicea,Turkey) = (1023) Arlette (?1003 - ?)

see the previous chapter, 1st family tree

Meanwhile, just out of interest, Aba & Geoffrey’s son Aubri became Count of Gatinais, to the North-East of Anjou. This line extends back into Brittany & eventually includes the Plantagenets, who became the rulers of England for several centuries & that odd but surprisingly persistent Kingdom of Jerusalem.

Aubri Count de GATINAIS Vicomte d' ORLEANS (900? Gatinais - aft 966) = ?

Geoffrey II Count de GATINAIS (925? - 988?) = ?

Aubri III Count de GATINAIS (925? - 988?) = ?

Geoffrey III Count de GATINAIS (970 - 1000) = Beatrice de MACON (974? - ?)

Geoffrey IV Count of GATINAIS (1001? - 1046) = Ermengarde (Blanche) Countess d' ANJOU (1018 -1076) see above

Foulques (Fulk) IV Rechin Count d' ANJOU (1043  Anjou - 1109) = 1. Heldegarde de BEAUGENCY (1044? - 1070?)

see next family tree below

Foulques (Fulk) IV Rechin Count d' ANJOU (1043  Anjou - 1109)
= 1. Heldegarde de BEAUGENCY (1044? - 1070?)

Ermengard d' ANJOU (1066? - 1147) = Alan IV (VI?) FERGANT Duke of Brittany (1063? - 1112)

Hawise de BRETAGNE (1098? - ?) = Geoffrey Vicomte de PORHOET (1086? - 1141?)

Eudes II Count de PORHOET = Margaret

Maud (Mathilde) de PORHOET

Alan la ZOUCHE (1136? - 1190?) = Alice de BELMEIS (1136? - aft 1190)

Roger la ZOUCHE Sheriff of Devonshire (1179? - bfr 1238) = Annora (Margaret)


Conan III 'the Fat' Duke of BRITTANY (? - 1148)

= 2. Bertrade de MONTFORT (l' AMAURI) (1059 - 1117)

Foulques (Fulk) V Count de ANJOU King of JERUSALEM (1092? Anjou - 1143 Palestine) =
1. Ermengarde (Erembourge Ermengard) du MAINE (1094? - 1126)

Sybil (Sibilla) d' ANJOU (1112? - 1166? Bethlehem)

Geoffrey V (IV) 'the Fair' PLANTAGENET (1113 Anjou - 1151) = Empress Matilda (? - 1167) daughter of Henry I

Henry II King of England etc

= 3. Melisende de RENTHEL

Amalric I King of JERUSALEM (1136? - 1174?)


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