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Introduction, Plattja, Britannia Hut

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Saas-Fee on the
'Round Monte Rosa walk'

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This is the most beautiful place in Europe with many easy walks

When you get there... need somewhere to stay. I stay in the Hotel Gletschergarten (middle price bracket) these days but there is a wide choice. Motoring masochists note that this is a car-free village & they have to park in the car park at the top of the road in or down in Saas Grund or Saas Almagell. Saas Almagell (I use the Hotel Spycher, phone +41 (0)27 9572494) is a half hour walk from Saas Fee but

To walk in...

1. The Balfrin Hohenweg from Grächen. (This is tough).

2. From Brig (3 days) via the Simplon Pass.

Otherwise, there is a bus from Visp.


The walk to the
Britannia Hütte

Spielboden &
the Langflüh

Mellig 2701m

A fairly stiff walk -
the Mittaghorn 3142m

The Monte Moro Pass

Alpine options:
you need to know what you are doing!

The Nadelhorn

The Lagginhorn

The Balfrin traverse to Grächen

The Weissmies

If in doubt, hire a guide.

I have done all these walks myself. You need the Swiss Landeskarte 1:50,000, sheet number LK284, "Mischabel". Mischabel is the range of big hills to the West of the village. If you are a climber, you will want to get up there, so the first three pages are not really for you. Try the Alpine options instead. Try the West Col guide for the Pennine Alps. For wintry types, there is a week's skiing.

The village has a web site of its own.

...which is now also in English. It didn't use to be!

in Saas Fee vilage

from the village in 1970 photo. Allalinhorn left & Alphubel right. The long moraine to the right is Spielboden.

First afternoon walk - to the Plattja

This is if you get to Saas Fee at lunchtime. Walk South from the village towards Bifig, just before which a path goes SE upwards in zig-zags. There soon comes a choice of going up more zig-zags of a long path to the NE with a huge zig-zag. This is longer. More zig-zags to the Plattja, a good viewpoint across to the Mischabel. There is a tougher path. Cross the bridge in the village & take the path to Saas Almagell. Where this turns left to cross the bridge into Almagell, the tough path goes right straight up to the Plattja. You can also take the string railway from Saas Fee village up the Plattja if feeling lazy. There is a café there.

The Plattja in Autumn of 1993 from Mellig. It's not snowy in the Summer.

Looking back to Saas Fee from the Plattja on a cloudy day in June 1973.

Autumn colour on the path from Saas Fee to Saas Almagell

To the Britannia Hutte

This is an easy walk from the top of the Felskinn Cable Car top station. You head South from the station & then East on a marked path across the glacier. Stay on the path or you may be in danger. There is a path from the Plattja (above) but I have only done one-third of it (see Mittaghorn climb).

The Britannia Hut

The path is across the glacier

The Strahlhorn 4190m & Rimpfischhorn 4199m
from near the Britannia Hut

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Saas-Fee on the
'Round Monte Rosa walk'

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