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Davos has a Lot of skiing.

Have a look at the maps on the town web site . These are interactive, that is, you get more information if you run your mouse over them. Things to watch out for:-

West side.

1. The Strela are above Davos Platz does connect with the Parsenn area if the gondelbahn from Schatzalp & the cable car at the top are running. The run down from Schatzalp is crap & quite tricky. Do it once for the sake of completeness & then forget it.

2. The Parsenn area is avalanche prone. The patrols are very good but if they say it is closed, it is really closed.

3. The direct run down to Klosters (Drostobel) is marked red on the map. I did it in 1980 & it was marked "difficult run only for good skiers". It was not as hard as, say, Tiefbach at Zermatt but it is distinctly hard and long.

4. Check if the long runs to Kublis & Saas are open before trying them. Kublis & Saas are quite low & the run can get quite iffy. There is a gondola half way down at a place called Schifer & to that is a nice, easy run.

5. If you ski all the way down to Wolfgang station, do it last as you might have a long wait for a train.

6. At the Weissfluhgipfel (the top), walk over to the South for a splendid view over Arosa before bombing down.

East side.

1. The Jakobshorn North is a delightful black run but the top of the Brahmabuhl is a black mogul field.

2. I have no knowledge of the Rinerhorn & Pischa areas because, in 4 weeks so far at Davos, I never got around to them - there is so much good skiing on the Parsenn & Jakobshorn!

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