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Of Irish-Jewish descent, Irene moved to London when she was 20.  In her 40's, she took a degree for the teaching of Drama and followed this with a Masters in Social Anthropology.  Irene has taught in Secondary and Primary school, interspersed with University, ending her full-time teaching career in Further Education and finally working exclusively in Dyslexia.

Since studying, Irene has been working on the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins, creating a programme of jazz/poetry fusion with the great jazz pianist Stan Tracey, which she presented at many Literary Festivals around the UK.  Irene has been writing papers and giving talks on Hopkins for the past four years in the US and Ireland, giving readings as well. In Denver, Colorado,where Irene has been delivering academic papers, she ran Shakespeare workshops and taught English and American Literature.

Irene worked with the Latin-American jazz saxophonist, Carlos Chavez. They work on poets such as T S Eliot, Edith Sitwell and James Joyce. Currently, Irene is exploring another jazz/poetry venture with the violinist and pianist, Alan Parmenter.

Irene is still working with dyslexics and gives public lectures on the subject.

Contact Irene by e-mail on this link.

2CD Set - "The Nature of Hopkins"

1. Jazz selections from Stan Tracey

Talk on Hopkins with selection of poems from Irene Kyffin

2. jazz/poetry fusion

These examples from the CD can be played from these links:-

Irene Kyffin: Ribblesdale

Irene Kyffin: Spelt from Sybil's leaves

Stan Tracey: improvisation 1

The CD set can be obtained by contacting Irene by e-mail on this link.

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